Top 20: The Hottest Big-Ass Pornstars Right Now (2023)

I have recently compiled a list of the top best big-ass pornstars, and I am excited to share it with you. Not only is this list for your benefit but also for my own reference when I am in need of some quality viewing material. As someone who appreciates a voluptuous backside, I can attest to the fact that there is nothing quite like the sight of a curvaceous rear end. And when it comes to the world of porn, there is no shortage of stunning stars with big, beautiful booties that could make anyone weak in the knees.

Before we dive into the list, I want to mention that, unlike other lists on this website, I have included some names of pornstars who are no longer active in the industry or maybe taking a break. However, their incredible assets were too impressive to leave out. So, keep reading because you are about to discover some of the hottest big-ass pornstars in the business. These women are not afraid to get down and dirty, and they would love nothing more than to smother you with their bouncing butt cheeks.

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Sexiest Big Ass Pornstars of 2023

22. Skylar Snow

Skylar Snow

This stunning 26-year-old woman from Puerto Rico exudes the confidence and beauty of a top model. With an oval-shaped face and a perfect figure, she possesses natural curves that are both alluring and sleek. Her voluptuous breasts and large, round buttocks make her the epitome of a sexy goddess. Skylar is a fan of intense and rough encounters, often seen engaging in hardcore action with a throbbing cock or being tied up and dominated until she’s almost at her breaking point. Despite the potential pain, she never complains and continues to enjoy every moment of it. Don’t miss out on watching Skylar Snow in action on!

21. Chloe Lamour

Chloe Lamour

Meet Chloe Lamour, a stunning 28-year-old from Slovakia who is ready to take on any hardcore challenge! With her gorgeous face and amazing body, she is sure to make your heart race. Her voluptuous breasts may be fake, but they are still absolutely stunning. And let’s not forget about her toned physique and curvaceous booty that will leave you speechless. Chloe is not afraid to push boundaries and you can see her in bukkake and orgy scenes, where her pussy takes a beating. She is confident and unapologetic, always ready to take control and lead her partners to ultimate pleasure. Don’t miss out on watching Chloe Lamour in action on!

20. Eva Notty

Eva Notty

Meet Eva Notty, a 37-year-old experienced and popular pornstar who knows how to please both men and women. With her stunning looks and youthful figure, it’s hard to believe she’s in her late thirties. And let’s not forget about her huge 40F breasts that can drive any man wild. You can watch her in action as she gets her tits sucked, pussy pounded, and ass devoured. Speaking of her ass, it’s big, round, and oh so delicious. Seeing her naked will surely make you lose control and reach for the nearest bottle of lube. Don’t miss out on watching Eva Notty on, where she shows off her skills and leaves her fans begging for more.

19. Aryana Adin

Aryana Adin

Aryana Adin is a popular ebony pornstar known for her voluptuous figure and seductive moves. Her curvaceous body, especially her large bosom and even bigger butt, is what sets her apart from other pornstars. She knows how to use her assets to please and satisfy throbbing cocks, leading them into a world of pleasure. Her trademark is her massive ass, which is so big that she could almost use a wheelbarrow to carry it around! But don’t be fooled by her sweet exterior, as she is more than just a bag of flesh. Aryana is a skilled performer who can put on a show like no other. She can twerk and wiggle her booty with ease, suck cock like it’s candy, and ride an erect penis like it will grant her immortality. For those who enjoy watching big ass pornstars in action, Aryana always delivers. Her performances are guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. So why not check out Aryana Adin on and see for yourself? Don’t miss out on the chance to witness this stunning beauty in all her glory.

18. Carolina Cortez

Carolina Cortez

It appears that God has a special fondness for Latina women, as each and every one of them seems to have been blessed with a heavenly body! Their curves are unmatched, with perfect breasts and a flawless backside. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but they also possess a seductive nature when it comes to sex. Carolina Cortez is the epitome of this, with her girl-next-door charm and natural assets. Her large, natural breasts, curvaceous figure, and incredible ass can make even the most flaccid of penises stand at attention in a matter of seconds. And whenever she’s on screen, you can be sure that her amazing backside will be prominently featured as she gets pounded in every position imaginable. Don’t miss out on watching Carolina Cortez in action on!

17. Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse is a stunning 25-year-old woman with a youthful appearance that could easily pass for a high school cheerleader. Her eyes are filled with promise and her skin is flawless, giving her an irresistible charm. With a captivating smile, petite breasts that are no bigger than lemons, a plump vagina, and a voluptuous booty that could hide the White House, Mandy has the power to make grown men cry and scream with just a simple bend over. Both her backdoor and front door are always ready to receive hard meat, satisfying her insatiable desires. Mandy is also bisexual and enjoys exploring the bodies of other women, eagerly searching for pleasure before indulging in their sweet nectar like a thirsty traveler in a desert oasis. Don’t miss out on watching Mandy Muse in action on!

16. Assh Lee

Assh Lee

Assh Lee is a stunning woman who could easily be considered a goddess. This Spanish beauty has a unique and exotic appearance, with curves that can make anyone weak in the knees. Her body is perfectly proportioned, with just the right amount of meatiness and firmness. At 26 years old, she has gorgeous brown hair, natural 34B breasts that defy gravity, and a truly erotic 37-inch booty. It’s no wonder that men are paid to ride and slam into it – it’s simply too perfect to resist! Assh Lee is definitely one of those big ass pornstars that deserves lifelong worship. So go ahead and kneel with your cock in hand, and show her the proper respect she deserves.

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15. Gia Derza

Gia Derza

Gia Derza is the epitome of the girl-next-door, radiating a welcoming and flirtatious smile to every guy she meets. She’s currently one of the hottest teen pornstars in the industry, with a pair of firm breasts that are irresistible. Her ability to spread her legs and take a pounding is unmatched, leaving any pussy dripping with pleasure. And let’s not forget about her flawless, perfectly curved bubble butt that shines like no other. Don’t miss out on watching Gia Derza on!

14. Richelle Ryan

Richelle Ryan

Richelle Ryan is a stunning and petite woman who exudes sexiness. Standing at just 54 inches tall, this 34-year-old vixen is known for her surgically enhanced breasts, which are some of the biggest in the industry. Her wide vagina is like a magnet for erect penises, making her a highly sought after performer. She has been active in the adult entertainment industry since she was a teenager and is known for her bold and confident personality. In addition to being a successful porn star, Richelle used to work as a stripper and is openly bisexual. With an impressive backside that could crush a Cadillac Escalade, she knows how to work her assets to drive men wild. Whether she’s giving a hard cock some serious sucking attention or getting her pussy pounded by veiny dicks, Richelle is always in her element. With hundreds of films under her belt, she continues to be a top performer in the industry. Don’t miss out on watching Richelle Ryan in action on!

13. Maserati


Meet Maserati, a stunning Jamaican beauty with a curvaceous figure that will leave you breathless. Despite her name, she may not be the sleekest car on the road, but she’s definitely fast and has a massive rear end that any man would love to ride. With all-natural 36HH breasts, she is a sight to behold and is available for business at any time. Maserati is also bisexual and loves to get down and dirty in the doggystyle position, where her booty shakes and bounces while her partner enjoys playing with her ample bosom. Don’t miss out on watching Maserati in action on!

12. Ryan Conner

Ryan Conner

Ryan Conner, born in 1971, is a well-established figure in the adult entertainment industry. Despite her age, she continues to captivate audiences with her stunning looks and insatiable appetite for sex. At the age of 28, she entered the world of porn and quickly gained a reputation as a cum-loving enthusiast. Her passion for getting her snatch licked, smashed, cracked, and pounded knows no bounds. With her blonde hair, tattoos, and voluptuous figure, Ryan is the epitome of a MILF pornstar. She takes great pride in her juicy medium-sized knockers and her big bubble butt, which she loves to flaunt without hesitation. As a hardcore cock rider, she effortlessly spreads her legs and rides with pleasure. It’s no surprise that she has earned a spot on the list of top big ass pornstars. If you want to see Ryan in action, be sure to check out her videos on!

11. Maddy OReilly

Maddy OReilly

At the young age of 21, Maddy began showcasing her body and engaging in intense sexual acts on the big screen. Now at 30 years old, she has no plans of stopping until she’s satisfied by every throbbing member that comes her way. Maddy is not only stunning, but also a wild one who can get so wet that she could fill a horse with her juices! With her petite yet perky breasts, beautiful brown hair, and irresistible booty, it’s no wonder many can’t resist taking a bite or nuzzling into her. Her curvaceous behind seems to have a mind of its own, constantly jiggling and demanding attention. But perhaps that’s because it’s her source of income! Don’t miss out on watching Maddy O’Reilly in action on!

10. Bella Bellz

Bella Bellz

Meet Bella Bellz, a stunningly beautiful and heavily tattooed adult film star. Standing at 58 inches tall and weighing 59kg, she is known for her incredible curves, particularly her voluptuous booty. With fat and meaty cheeks that could feed a country, her backside is enough to make anyone weak in the knees. But that’s not all – Bella also has a pair of perky breasts and a slim figure that adds to her overall appeal. She is often seen getting intense action from behind, causing her booty to shake like it’s being hit by a powerful jackhammer. If you want to see more of Bella Bellz, check out her videos on!

9. Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova, known for her stunning blonde locks and undeniable beauty, is the epitome of a heart-stopping bombshell. With her petite frame and resemblance to Jessica Alba, it’s no wonder she leaves us breathless with every glance. But don’t be fooled by her angelic appearance, this 27-year-old babe has a wild side that will leave you wanting more. She’s not afraid to take on any challenge, whether it’s pleasing a man or a woman, and always does it with a smile on her face. And let’s not forget about her perfect bubble butt, which is sure to set the world on fire. It may be firm, but trust me, it’ll jiggle in all the right ways when she’s getting drilled by a skilled lover. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch Mia Malkova in action on!

8. Victoria Cakes

Victoria Cakes

When people say that Victoria Cakes is the best, they really mean it! This XXX star and ebony beauty stands at 58″ which is taller than most women in the industry. At 28 years old, she has a stunning figure with large breasts and a jaw-dropping booty that could cause traffic jams worldwide. It’s hard to believe that such an amazing butt exists, it’s incredibly jiggly, meaty, and curvy. Not only does Victoria have a killer body, but she also has a master’s degree in pleasing BBCs and is known as the ultimate slut. Don’t miss out on watching her on!

7. Julie Cash

Julie Cash

Meet Julie, a stunning 31-year old actress with a voluptuous figure and a booty that could conquer empires! With her blonde hair and seductive nature, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her favorite position is doggy style, where she can show off her incredible curves and let her juices flow freely. If you’re a fan of curvy pornstars, then you must watch this talented beauty in action. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness some of the most mesmerizing jiggling ass scenes in the world!

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6. Moriah Mills

Moriah Mills

Moriah Mills, a 29-year-old former model, is known for her voluptuous figure with a curvy backside and large breasts that have unique-looking aureoles. She always seems to find herself in situations where she gets to ride an erect penis, and she definitely needs a well-endowed partner who can handle her assets and satisfy her on camera. This ebony beauty has all the qualities that any cum lover desires and is also a talented actress, never failing to let out passionate moans as her pussy is being stretched to its limits. Don’t miss out on watching Moriah Mills in action on!

5. Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens

It used to be a challenge to find a white girl with a curvy backside, as ebony girls seemed to dominate that category. However, times have changed, and there are now plenty of PAWG beauties in the industry. One of the most popular ones is Jada Stevens! If you’re not familiar with this brunette bombshell, she’s a petite 53″ with a behind that could save the world from any disaster. Her perfectly shaped and smooth ass is irresistible, causing men all over the world to lose control at just the sight of it. Jada is undeniably one of the top big booty pornstars in the business, and every move of her phat booty proves it. Don’t miss out on watching Jada Stevens in action on!

4. AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate

Meet AJ Applegate, a stunning 30-year-old blonde with a height of 52 inches. This American beauty has made a name for herself in the porn industry since starting her career at the age of 23. With her insatiable appetite for pleasure, she has no limits and is always ready to take on any challenge. Whether it’s sucking on cock or cunt, AJ knows how to please and satisfy like a pro. Her performances are always top-notch, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next release. With her petite frame, she may have small but perky breasts, but her curvy and voluptuous booty is a sight to behold. Don’t miss out on watching this talented star on!

3. Ivy Lebelle

Ivy Lebelle

Ivy Lebelle is known for her infectious smile, charming personality, and insatiable love for large things. This 32-year-old woman enjoys giving blowjobs to well-endowed men and has never been fully satisfied by any cock. With her curvaceous figure, flawless skin, and tattoos, Ivy is a sight to behold. Her body is incredible, with amazing breasts and a perfect booty that can bounce like no other when she’s getting pounded by a hard cock.

If you want to see Ivy in action, check out her videos on!

2. Julianna Vega

Julianna Vega

Juliana Vega made the decision to enter the porn industry at the age of 33 and has never regretted it. She is known for her exceptional performances, whether she’s pleasuring a woman or a man, and always has a smile on her face while riding some of the biggest and hardest penises in the business. This Latina MILF is not afraid to show off her body and is well-endowed with a curvaceous figure, including a perfect bubble butt that will leave you mesmerized. You can catch her in action on, where she will surely make any cock happy enough to release buckets of jizz. Don’t miss out on watching this top performer in action!

1. Lela Star

Lela Star

Lela Star is a true star in the adult entertainment industry, and her talents speak for themselves. This 34-year-old beauty from Florida has embraced her wild side and has become known for her ability to pleasure even the biggest of dicks. With her stunning black hair, gorgeous face, and perfectly enhanced breasts, Lela is sure to catch your attention. And let’s not forget about her incredible booty, which rivals that of any Kardashian. Just imagine getting lost in the moment with Lela in a steamy doggy-style session, her voluptuous curves driving you wild. Don’t miss out on experiencing Lela Star’s unforgettable performances on!

Who Are Your Favorite Big-Ass Pornstars?

That concludes our article on some of the most attractive pornstars with curvy backsides in the adult entertainment industry. These ladies have been some of the most sought-after stars in recent years, so you won’t have any trouble finding their videos as they are plentiful. Take a look at some of the top videos featuring these big booty pornstars, and enjoy watching their assets bounce and jiggle.

But wait, there’s more! I would love to hear your thoughts on this list. If you enjoyed reading about these gorgeous babes, please share this article with others. If you feel like I may have missed someone, which is highly possible, let me know in the comments below. Help me create the ultimate list of the best big-ass pornstars on the internet!

Also, don’t forget to check out our other article on the hottest lesbian pornstars of 2023: Best Lesbian Pornstars of 2023. Thank you for reading!

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