Top 20: Best & Sexiest Spanish Pornstars of 2023

There are plenty of talented female Spanish pornstars in the industry. Many have stunning figures, and others possess a goddess-like beauty while also being skilled at giving blowjobs and taking it in their behinds. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for a list of the top sexiest Spanish pornstars, I apologize for the delay. I have already started publishing lists of the best pornstars from different countries, such as the UK and the US, and there are more to come in the following weeks.

I must admit, this article has been long overdue. I had planned to publish it at the beginning of 2022, but it’s finally seeing the light of day in the late-2023s. But I have made sure to complete it, and here it is. You can browse through the entire list of the best Spanish pornstars and discover not only some of the most popular names in the industry but also some rising stars who have gained fame in a short period of time due to their exceptional skills in bed. So, be sure to check out the entire list because I’m sure you’ll find a stunning Spanish pornstar that you’d love to watch more of!

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Hottest Spanish Pornstars of 2023!

21. Samia Duarte

Samia Duarte

Meet Samia Duarte, a stunning and fiery Spanish beauty who has taken the adult film industry by storm. With her petite frame and charming smile, she may remind you of your favorite nun, but don’t be fooled – this lady knows how to handle a foot-long BBC like it’s nothing! Standing at nearly 6 feet tall, she is a towering presence with medium-sized breasts and a curvy rear that will leave you weak in the knees.

Samia is not just a pretty face, she is also a skilled performer who can do it all. From showcasing the beauty of Spanish pussy to mastering every XXX trick in the book, she is a true star in the industry. While she loves getting some sweet dick in her slick pussy, she is also open to exploring her sexuality with other women who know how to please her.

If you want to see Samia in action, head over to, where she will show off her incredible skills and make your jaw drop. Whether she’s shaking her booty or taking a hard cock, watching her will surely change your perspective on the world and the sexy women in it. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience – watch Samia Duarte on now!

20. Jimena Lago

Jimena Lago

They say that good things come in small packages, and Jimena Lago is the perfect example of this. Standing at just 55 inches tall, she radiates a natural beauty that is as refreshing as the morning sun. But don’t let her petite stature fool you because she is also incredibly sexy and has the ability to drive us all wild! Her chest area boasts a pair of perky 34B breasts that are sure to taste as sweet as peaches, while her booty measures a tantalizing 34 inches. Jimena Lago is not only skilled and seductive, but she is also an amazing lover and a fearless queen in the bedroom. She embodies everything that a top pornstar should be and more, making her well worth our obsession.

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19. Penelope Cum

Penelope Cum

Penelope Cum is known for her unapologetic love for hot cum, which she even incorporated into her name. With a career in the adult industry since 2015 and over a hundred scenes under her belt, she has fully embraced her sexuality and embraced her wild side as a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac slut. Her tall stature, slender figure, perky breasts, round buttocks, and tight wet vagina make her a favorite among men who enjoy exploring with their hard rods. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this stunning babe suck dick, then you should definitely check out her videos. She is considered one of the top Spanish pornstars for a reason, and after just one viewing, you’ll understand why. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Penelope Cum on!

18. Julia Roca

Julia Roca

Julia Roca is a stunning Spanish actress who exudes sensuality and passion. Her voluptuous figure is the envy of many, with her perfectly curved body and irresistible 34B breasts. But it’s her 36-inch soft and luscious behind that truly sets her apart. Men have been known to faint at the sight of her bending over, and it’s no wonder why.

As a professional in the adult entertainment industry, Julia has shared intimate moments with both male and female co-stars on camera. She clearly enjoys being taken from behind, showing off her wild side and proving herself to be a true vixen. Watching her take a rod up her backside will surely awaken your desires and leave you wanting more.

If you want to experience the full extent of Julia’s talents, look no further than This top Spanish pornstar is making waves in the industry and it’s easy to see why. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch Julia Roca in action – it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

17. Mia Navarro

Mia Navarro

Mia Navarro burst onto the porn scene in 2018 and has already made a name for herself with just over a dozen scenes. Despite her short time in the industry, she is definitely one to watch out for. With her adorable looks, it’s no surprise that Mia is considered one of the cutest pornstars right now. And after watching just one of her videos, you’ll be hooked and wanting more. Her youthful appearance is complemented by her stunning figure, complete with cute little breasts and a fantastic booty. I recently watched one of her videos where she was getting pounded in doggystyle, and let me tell you, it was incredibly hot to see her buttcheeks bounce with each thrust. So do yourself a favor and check out her videos. Let’s help make Mia even more popular so we can see her perform more often. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Mia Navarro on!

16. Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller is a highly sought-after adult film star known for her fiery red hair and exceptional talent. She has a slim, curvy figure and a perky booty that will leave you mesmerized. Her oval face is unforgettable and adds to her unique charm. One interesting fact about Amarna is that she only performs with people she is genuinely attracted to, resulting in intense and authentic onscreen chemistry. She is also known for her ability to squirt with such force that it could wash out the Brooklyn bridge! If you’re a fan of squirting, then you definitely need to check out this Spanish beauty. Don’t miss out on watching Amarna Miller on, where she showcases her incredible skills and earns her place as one of the top Spanish pornstars.

15. Mara Swan

Mara Swan

You may not be familiar with her real name, but you may have come across Mara Swan in various adult videos. She is one half of the popular duo known as MadeInCanarias and is highly sought after on Pornhub. Standing at just over 5 feet tall, she has a stunning body that has made her one of the top amateur porn creators in the industry. With a beautiful face, natural 36D breasts, and a curvaceous booty, it’s no wonder why she has gained such a large following. Mara only films scenes with her boyfriend and most of her content can be found on Pornhub and ModelHub. It’s safe to say that she is considered one of the best Spanish pornstars, especially if you’ve had the pleasure of watching her videos.

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14. Pamela Sanchez

Pamela Sanchez

We were initially skeptical when we heard that Pamela Sanchez had curves that could rival any S-bend, but after seeing her pictures and watching her in action, we quickly changed our minds. This stunning babe is undoubtedly one of the top global pornstars and has a lot to teach us about the art of sex. While she is undeniably beautiful, it’s her incredible ass that sets her apart from the rest. This curvy and thick goddess could easily tempt even the most devout into sin and is the stuff of wet dreams. Don’t believe us? Check out Pamela Sanchez on and see for yourself!

13. Carolina Abril

Carolina Abril

Carolina Abril is a stunningly beautiful woman who could easily make you want to include her in your will. She has a strong sexual appetite and exudes sexiness. Being bisexual, she is open to exploring all kinds of sexual experiences. At the young age of 18, she became a professional at giving blowjobs and quickly rose to become one of the most desirable Spanish pornstars. With her long legs and cheerful personality, she is a sight to behold. Her 34C breasts are enough to satisfy any king and his entourage. For those who are feeling adventurous, you can even purchase replicas of her private parts and have your way with her. And if that’s not enough, you can watch her in action on Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience Carolina Abril’s irresistible charm.

12. Apolonia Lapiedra

Apolonia Lapiedra

Apolonia Lapiedra is known for her stunning beauty and has the ability to make other girls look plain in comparison. She is considered one of the most gorgeous girls in the world, with captivating eyes and a smile that could make any man’s heart race. Despite her fame, Apolonia is actually quite petite, defying the expectation of being a tall Amazonian beauty. She has received numerous awards in the adult film industry, and her slim figure and insatiable desire make her a constant presence in your wildest fantasies. Take a moment to admire her perky 32A breasts and see if it doesn’t make you want to worship her with your own hands. Don’t miss out on watching Apolonia Lapiedra on!

11. Zoe Doll

Zoe Doll

Meet the lovely Zoe Doll, a petite and charming beauty with a killer body. Her soft curves and perky 32A breasts will leave you speechless, and her perfectly round booty is simply irresistible. After working in retail for a while, Zoe decided to pursue a career in the adult film industry, where she quickly became known for her incredible anal performances. This Spanish babe has starred in numerous XXX videos and is a fan favorite for her passion and skill in the bedroom. Don’t miss out on watching her in action on – you’ll be hooked from the first moment!

10. Rebeca Linares

 Rebeca Linares

This stunning Spanish beauty maybe 36 years old, but she could easily pass for someone ten years younger. She’s known for her love of anal, but don’t let that fool you – she also enjoys having her sweet pussy pleasured. While she may not be considered the most beautiful star in the industry, she is undeniably sizzling-hot with her large fake breasts that are almost as big as watermelons and a booty that anyone would love to snuggle up to on a chilly evening. Rebeca Linares has it all and more, and she knows how to satisfy any throbbing cock. Don’t miss out on watching her in action on!

9. Julia De Lucia

Julia De Lucia

This stunning woman has the potential to be a top model. Her beauty is simply unmatched! Julia De Lucia is the type of woman that strangers would stop and admire, wanting to kneel and worship her. She exudes elegance, sensuality, and an irresistible charm. Her perfectly shaped behind could easily be displayed in a museum. Her sweet and flawless pussy, along with her perky medium-sized breasts, are enough to make anyone go crazy. Just listen to her moan and watch her expertly suck on a throbbing cock, and you’ll be driven to the brink of insanity! Don’t miss out on the chance to see Julia De Lucia in action on!

8. Assh Lee

Assh Lee

The woman in the picture, Assh Lee, may sound like a name used by an Asian adult film star, but she is actually Spanish and has a captivating accent. She is stunningly beautiful with her medium-sized 34B breasts and a slim 24-inch waist that looks like it was sculpted by the gods themselves on Mount Olympus. Her round and bouncy bubble butt is truly remarkable and could be praised endlessly, making her one of the top big ass pornstars in the industry. It takes a well-endowed man to fully penetrate her tight asshole due to the size of her voluptuous backside. If you want to see more of Assh Lee, check out her videos on!

7. Alexa Tomas

Alexa Tomas

Alexa Tomas is a stunning Spanish woman with an irresistible sex appeal that could make anyone weak in the knees. She exudes sensuality and has a naughty side that will leave you wanting more. Her ability to squirt is mind-blowing and she has no boundaries when it comes to exploring different genres of adult entertainment. This brunette beauty has captured the hearts of both men and women, and it’s easy to see why. Her luscious curves and perfect body make her a dream come true for any lover. You can’t help but fantasize about being with her and experiencing the intense pleasure she offers. Don’t miss out on watching Alexa Tomas on, where she will surely leave you craving for more.

6. Ginebra Bellucci

Ginebra Bellucci

Ginebra Bellucci is known for her irresistible charm and stunning looks, no matter what she’s doing. With her oval face and radiant beauty, she could make the sun stop in its tracks just to admire her. Her body is a rare gem, with curves that will leave you speechless. From her perfectly round booty to her perky breasts and soft, inviting pussy, she is a sight to behold. Whether she’s riding a cock or indulging in some girl-on-girl action, Ginebra does it all with equal skill and passion. She truly is beyond words. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Ginebra Bellucci in action on!

5. Marta La Croft

 Marta La Croft

Marta La Croft is a popular MILF pornstar known for her stunning looks and insatiable appetite for pleasure. Her alluring face and seductive lips make her the perfect candidate for intense and passionate sex. She also boasts a pair of large, perfectly shaped breasts that may have been enhanced, but still look incredibly natural. Playing with them will surely give you a deeper understanding of the universe! And let’s not forget about her amazing bubble butt that never fails to catch the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it. With countless porn videos under her belt, Marta has definitely made her mark in the industry and has the power to make people climax for a long time. Don’t miss out on watching Marta La Croft in action on!

4. Anastasia Brokelyn

Anastasia Brokelyn

Anastasia Brokelyn is a rising star in the adult film industry, quickly gaining popularity with her impressive performances in just a handful of scenes. Her stunning looks and flawless body make her stand out as one of the hottest Spanish pornstars right now. But it’s not just her physical appearance that makes her so alluring – her wild and naughty side adds an extra level of excitement to her videos. She loves the thrill of public sex and isn’t afraid to show off her skills to a large audience. You can see her passion and desire in every scene, whether she’s seductively sucking on a big cock or getting her tight pussy pounded. Don’t miss out on watching Anastasia Brokelyn on!

3. Bridgette B

Bridgette B

Bridgette B is a stunning and incredibly seductive Spanish woman who is both skilled and fearless. She has a strong appetite for both pussy and cock, and can handle a BBC all day long. Her oral skills are unmatched by most, making her a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom. However, be warned that Bridgette B doesn’t hold back, so watching her scenes may result in your cum shooting out at high speeds! Don’t miss out on admiring her large breasts and curvaceous figure, and imagine when you might have the chance to give them the attention they deserve. Check out Bridgette B’s work on and experience her talents for yourself!

2. Susy Gala

Susy Gala

Susy Gala, a woman in her late twenties, is attracted to both men and women. She has a stunning appearance, with surgically-enhanced breasts that are larger than most can handle. Her sexual appetite is insatiable and she is known for her ability to squirt. When she pleasures herself, she produces enough liquid to put out any raging fire. Susy is not only beautiful, but she also knows how to handle the biggest of cocks and is a natural at sex. Her moans are so intense, they could make your brain explode! If you want to see Susy in action, check out her videos on!

1. Nekane Sweet

Nekane Sweet

There are many delightful things in this world, and Nekane Sweet is definitely one of them! She exudes sweetness in every aspect, from the adorable expressions she makes while getting her curvaceous backside pounded by a determined cock, to the joyful moans she lets out as her large and natural breasts or dripping wet pussy are pleasured by a firm shaft. If you want to witness the full extent of Nekane’s sweetness, make sure to have plenty of lubricant on hand before watching her videos!

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Which Are The Best Spanish Pornstars, According to You?

This is the complete list of the top sexiest Spanish pornstars in the industry. I have put a lot of effort into compiling a diverse list, including MILFs, teens, natural and fake breasts, and even amateur performers. This way, you can enjoy videos with a touch of realism.

However, I am aware that there are many other talented Spanish pornstars currently active who may not have made it onto this list. If you believe that one of your favorite Spanish pornstars deserves to be included, please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to discover new talents and potentially add them to the list in the next update.

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