What Are Some Good Sex Positions For A Steamy

After a busy week of battling traffic and going to work, it’s natural to look forward to an exciting weekend. It’s the perfect time to unwind and create unforgettable memories with your partner. The last thing on your mind is a quickie; you want to fully indulge in each other’s company.

To make the most out of your weekend, consider planning ahead or being spontaneous. Be open to trying new things that will reignite the passion between you and your partner. Instead of sticking to the same old sex positions, why not switch things up and try something new? This will prevent your relationship from becoming dull and monotonous. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some exciting sex positions to spice up your weekend!

What Are Some Good Sex Positions For A Steamy

Dutch Pretzel

Are you searching for a position that offers both comfort and intense penetration? The Dutch pretzel is the perfect choice to create a passionate atmosphere. To try this technique, have your partner lie on their right side while you straddle and kneel over their right leg. Their left leg can be wrapped around your waist, allowing for easy penetration.

Stimulating your partner is effortless in this position. Gently rub the head of your shaft against their clitoris in a slow and steady motion to bring them to orgasm. As you slide in, you can also use your fingers to stimulate their clitoris, keeping them aroused for extended periods of time.


One way to enhance the reverse cowgirl position or when your partner is on top is by incorporating doggy style. This allows for deeper penetration and gives access to the cervix, which can be a sensitive area. By pressing your waist against your partner’s buttocks, you can also reach the G-spot and create a pleasurable experience.

This position does not require a lot of core strength or flexibility, allowing you to fully focus on pleasing your partner. For even deeper penetration, you can try getting on top and carefully inserting your shaft. However, it is important to maintain stability to avoid any accidents.

Additionally, this position is perfect for those with limited leg flexibility or for those who simply cannot get enough of it. It adds variety to your sexual repertoire and can spice things up in the bedroom. So why not give it a try and see how it enhances your intimate moments?

Spoon Position

After a busy week where you and your partner may not have had much time together, the spoon position is a great way to reconnect. This intimate position allows for cuddling, kissing, and penetration from behind. Your partner can easily lift their leg to allow for penetration, while also allowing for easy access to fondle and stimulate the clitoris. It’s a fantastic option for couples looking to add some spice to their relationship.

The close physical contact in this position also helps to increase sexual tension by releasing the oxytocin hormone. To enhance pleasure, you can try using circular or grinding motions during penetration. This can help compensate for any difficulties in achieving deep penetration.

Additionally, the spoon position is a great choice for pregnant women or if one partner is larger than the other. It allows for comfortable and enjoyable intimacy without putting too much strain on either partner. So next time you and your partner are looking for a cozy and stimulating position, give the spoon a try!

Reverse Cowgirl

To achieve this position, you will need to lie on your back and stretch out your legs. Your partner will then straddle your hips while facing the opposite direction, with their knees on the bed. This position is perfect for a dominant and active woman, as she can take control and ride you. You will have a great view of her back and can watch her every move.

The depth of penetration in this position is determined by the forward or back-leaning movements of your partner. She will be in charge of the pace, allowing you to relax and regain control over your body. It’s also a great way to ease back into sexual activity.


These suggested sex positions are guaranteed to please and entertain your partner all weekend as long as you create the right atmosphere. By Monday, she will feel like she has conquered a giant tree as she walks to work.

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