Top 15: Hottest Middle Eastern & Arab Pornstars of 2023!

With the global reach of the porn industry, it’s no surprise that there are many Arab pornstars making their mark. These women from Middle Eastern countries have shed their inhibitions and clothes to showcase their stunning bodies on screen. In this article, I have compiled a list of the top hottest Arab pornstars for you to discover. While you may already be familiar with some of these names and have watched their videos, I’m sure you’ll also find new faces to add to your watchlist.

Since there aren’t as many Arab pornstars in the industry compared to other regions, I have not limited this list to only active performers. Instead, I have researched and included all the popular names who have worked as pornstars at some point in their careers. However, if there are any notable names that I have missed, please do let me know so I can update the article accordingly. In the meantime, take a look at this list of the best Arab pornstars and indulge in some of their finest work!

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Hottest Arab Pornstars of 2023!

16. Lexi Bloom

Lexi Bloom

In this list, you will notice that most of the Middle Eastern pornstars are either experienced MILFs or mature women. However, there are a few exceptions, such as Lexi Bloom, who was petite and appeared inexperienced but had intense sexual energy and a strong desire for pleasure. Although she is no longer active in the industry, she has left a lasting impression with her numerous videos, some of which are definitely worth watching. Beyond her sexual prowess, Lexi also possesses a stunning face, cute breasts, and a beautiful backside, making her one of the top Arab pornstars of her time. Don’t miss out on the chance to see her in action on!

15. Persia Pele

Persia Pele

Persia Pele made her debut in the adult entertainment industry in 2008, and her impressive acting skills set her apart from other performers. Although she is no longer active, she has worked with some of the biggest studios in the industry, such as Brazzers, Vivid, and NaughtyAmerica. This means there is a wide selection of videos featuring her engaging in steamy scenes with top talents. With her Iranian heritage, Persia has a unique and exotic appearance that adds to her stunning beauty. Her undeniable sensuality has earned her a spot as one of the most popular Middle Eastern pornstars of all time. Don’t miss out on watching Persia Pele’s performances on!

14. Brooke Lee Adams

Brooke Lee Adams

If you’re searching for a pornstar who is both adorable and loves to star in hardcore videos, then Brooke Lee Adams may be the perfect choice for you! This stunning Persian/American beauty had a short but successful career in the industry, working with some of the top studios. Not only were her performances always top-notch, but she also has an incredible figure with alluring curves that will capture your attention immediately. Her cute appearance, natural breasts, and round, voluptuous backside make her one of the most beloved pornstars in the industry.

Check out Brooke Lee Adams’ work on and see for yourself why she’s one of the hottest pornstars with natural boobs!

13. Amy Anderssen

Amy Anderssen

There are many adult film stars with large breasts, but none can compare to the impressive size of Amy Anderssen. Her breasts could easily be classified as some of the biggest in the industry. While she has a great figure and is undeniably stunning, her extremely large breasts may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, there are countless fans who enjoy watching her porn videos and seeing her use her massive fake tits. I have personally watched some of her performances, and it’s clear that she truly loves sex and gets pleasure from being pounded by a well-endowed partner. So, don’t let my personal preferences stop you from checking out her work. She is highly regarded as one of the top Arab pornstars for a reason!

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12. Layla Sin

Layla Sin

Imagine having a stunning nurse like Layla Sin to take care of you when you’re injured. This Israeli-born beauty used to serve in the army before making her way to the US. With her petite yet curvaceous figure, natural curves, and captivating features, it’s no surprise she quickly landed modeling gigs. But it didn’t stop there, as Layla gradually shed her clothes for nude shoots and eventually made her way into the porn industry. We are lucky to witness her incredible body in action as she gets down and dirty in various positions. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Layla Sin on!

11. Allie Jordan

Allie Jordan

Allie Jordan quickly rose to fame as one of the top teen pornstars when she entered the adult industry. Her debut was a hardcore scene, which instantly caught the attention of viewers. Throughout her career, she worked with some of the best performers in the industry and delivered unforgettable performances. Not only did she excel in hardcore shoots, but she also posed for softcore glam shoots, always bringing her A-game. Although she is no longer active in the industry, there are still plenty of scenes available to appreciate this stunning teen. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Allie Jordan’s incredible performances on!

10. Ricki Raxxx

Ricki Raxxx

Before entering the adult film industry, Ricki Raxxx worked as a dancer in a strip club. Her stunning looks caught the attention of various men’s magazines and she was given the opportunity to pose for them. Luckily, she decided to take on hardcore porn and it’s safe to say that she is a beauty that you will never forget. She is undoubtedly one of the top Arab pornstars in the industry, with her exotic features, seductive face, and curvaceous body. Her breasts are also a sight to behold, especially when they are being used to pleasure a hard cock or covered in cum. But it’s not just her physical appearance that makes her stand out, she also has an intense passion for hardcore sex which is evident in all her scenes. Whether she’s deepthroating big dicks or getting pounded hard, she always delivers a steamy performance. Don’t miss out on watching Ricki Raxxx on!

9. Nina Kayy

Nina Kayy

Mature women bring a wealth of experience to their performances, making them highly sought after in the adult film industry. One such popular MILF pornstar is Nina Kayy, known for her stunning curves and ability to handle any size of manhood. With her voluptuous figure, including large breasts and pierced nipples, she is a sight to behold. But it’s her famously big booty that steals the show, often receiving special attention from directors. And with an ass like hers, it’s no surprise that she’s not afraid to explore all kinds of sexual acts, including anal. To see Nina Kayy in action, check out her videos on!

8. Kimberly Kendall

Kimberly Kendall

It is a well-known fact that many women enter the adult film industry for financial gain, but there are also many who genuinely enjoy the experience and the opportunity to explore their sexuality while getting paid. Kimberly Kendall is one such porn star who is passionate about the art of porn and enjoys the variety of partners she gets to engage with on camera. Her voluptuous figure and large, round buttocks are eye-catching, but it’s her enhanced breasts that really stand out and are often the focus of her scenes. They are perfect for tit-fucking and her full lips add to the overall appeal when wrapped around a hard cock. Check out Kimberly Kendall’s performances on!

7. Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal

If you’re interested in Arab pornstars who are currently active in the industry and relatively new compared to others, then Audrey Royal is one to watch. This stunning brunette made her debut in 2016 and has already worked with top names in the business. With her exotic Middle-eastern looks and all-natural body, she loves showing off for her fans. And when it comes to sex, she’s all about hardcore action, especially bondage and getting her tight pussy pounded by massive cocks. She has a diverse portfolio of scenes, including creampies and interracial, but has yet to do an anal scene – hopefully, that will change soon! Don’t miss out on watching Audrey Royal on!

6. Shazia Sahari

Shazia Sahari

If you haven’t already watched the videos featuring Shazia Sahari, I highly recommend checking them out. This beautiful woman has a unique and captivating appearance that is sure to catch your attention. With her stunning eyes and exotic features, she has the ability to seduce anyone she desires. While she started off in foot fetish films, she quickly expanded her career by working with top studios like Brazzers and creating a variety of hardcore content. Her natural beauty, perfect body, and alluring assets have made her a fan favorite, but unfortunately, she has retired from the industry, leaving her fans wanting more. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Shazia Sahari on!

5. Jasmine Caro

Jasmine Caro

Jasmine Caro is a stunning pornstar who retired from the industry much earlier than expected. However, it was her personal decision and we must respect that. Fortunately, she left behind a plethora of content for her fans to enjoy, having filmed numerous videos during her career. If you have a preference for busty and beautiful pornstars, then Jasmine Caro will definitely catch your eye with her large, enhanced breasts that are perky and round – perfect for tit-fucking. But that’s not all, she also boasts an athletic figure which she maintains through intense workout sessions. Her flawless ass, tight pink pussy, and plump lips are all designed for one purpose – to pleasure the thickest of dicks and drain every last drop of cum with ease! Don’t miss out on watching Jasmine Caro in action on!

4. Jayden Cole

Jayden Cole

Jayden Cole is a rare gem in the porn industry, as there are not many Middle-Eastern pornstars. Unfortunately, those who have entered the industry have had short-lived careers and limited opportunities to explore different niches. However, Jayden Cole stands out as one of the top lesbian pornstars, with a strong preference for pleasuring and being pleasured by women on screen. She has yet to perform with men, at least not on camera. Her stunning appearance is undeniable, with a beautiful figure and captivating features. As an experienced performer, she knows exactly how to satisfy her partner and show them the true meaning of a “suckfest”. While she may not be as active as some fans would like, she consistently releases new videos that are sure to keep her fans satisfied. Make sure to add this fiery redhead to your watch list and catch her on!

3. Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova

The height of a female pornstar seems to have a correlation with her sexual appetite. This can be seen in the case of Gabriella Paltrova, who stands at just 411 and is one of the shortest pornstars in the industry. Despite her petite stature, she has starred in some incredibly intense and hardcore scenes that are sure to get you excited. Not only does she excel in traditional boy/girl scenes, but she also shines in lesbian videos where she explores her kinky side with toys and even anal fisting. If you’re searching for Arab pornstars who are not afraid to push boundaries and engage in the wildest and most hardcore acts, then you definitely need to check out Gabriella’s filmography. Don’t miss out on watching her on!

2. Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate

If you’re a long-time porn enthusiast, then you probably recognize this stunning babe without hesitation. And if you’re not familiar with her or haven’t seen any of her videos, then you’re in for a real treat! Anissa Kate is undeniably one of the most attractive pornstars of all time. With years of experience in the industry, she has worked with some of the best talents and top studios, solidifying her status as a top performer. It’s safe to say that this busty beauty has been intimate with almost every male and female pornstar in the industry at least once. While she enjoys performing with younger stars, she also loves being dominated by experienced partners, allowing her to fully surrender and focus on reaching the ultimate climax. Personally, I can’t get enough of her anal scenes, which have earned her a spot as one of the greatest anal pornstars of all time. Don’t miss out on watching Anissa Kate on!

1. Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

It’s no secret that Mia Khalifa is considered one of the greatest Arab pornstars of all time. Her rise to fame was almost instantaneous after her video was released. Despite the controversy surrounding it, she gained worldwide recognition and even became the top pornstar on Even though she has retired from the industry, she still remains in the top 5. While some may argue that her success was just luck, there’s no denying that she is undeniably stunning. Her cute glasses, perfect smile, and natural curves make her incredibly attractive to her massive following. And let’s not forget her well-toned figure and gorgeous, fake breasts that look amazing on her. If you’re looking for porn with a beautiful girl who genuinely enjoys sex, then you have to watch Mia Khalifa’s videos! Check her out on for some steamy action.

Who Are Your Favorite Arab Pornstars?

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of the top Middle Eastern pornstars. However, if you feel that I have missed out on some amazing names, please don’t hesitate to share them with me. The Arab world has produced many talented pornstars who showcase their beautiful bodies and participate in hardcore sexual acts. It’s possible that I may have overlooked a few while compiling this list or that some have made their debut after its publication.

Whatever the case may be, I value your input and would love for you to mention your favorite Arab pornstars in the comments section below. Your suggestions will not only help me improve my list but also introduce others to new and exciting talents. Thank you for your support!

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