Top 10: Erotic Stories Sites & Best Sex Stories Sites (2023)

Exploring different forms of adult entertainment is becoming increasingly popular, with porn being a top choice for many. However, there are other options to consider, such as reading erotica. If you’re someone who enjoys indulging in steamy stories, then this article is for you. I’ll be sharing some of the best sex stories sites available on the internet, filled with captivating and arousing content.

Erotica is a powerful tool for fulfilling sexual fantasies. It goes beyond written pornography and allows you to use your imagination. However, not all erotica sites are created equal. Some know how to entice and excite, while others fall short. Don’t waste your time on lackluster stories when you could be reading the hottest smut. Here are five amazing erotica sites that will leave you feeling wildly turned on.

Best Erotic Stories Sites of 2023

1. Literotica


Literotica is the ultimate source for free online erotic stories. With a long history, it boasts an extensive collection of user-submitted tales. While some may be more well-written than others, there is always an abundance of content to choose from. Despite its outdated design, the stories in Literotica are anything but old-fashioned. The site also offers a user-friendly app with a large and active community. Whether you’re looking to read, write, or simply explore erotica, Literotica is sure to fulfill your desires.

2. Shag Story

Shag Story

Shag Story is a fresh addition to the world of erotica, and it’s definitely making a splash. What sets Shag Story apart is their commitment to paying writers and ensuring that each story goes through a thorough editing process, resulting in high-quality and steamy content. But that’s not all – Shag Story also offers visually stimulating art to accompany each story, reminiscent of the 1970s era. With a wide range of categories to choose from, such as neighbor, mature, and gay, there’s something for everyone on this platform. And the best part? It’s all completely free for you to indulge in.

3. Adult FanFiction

 Adult FanFiction

If you are a fan of fan-fiction and enjoy writing it, then you should definitely check out Adult FanFiction. This website is perfect for those who love reading stories about characters they already know. Fanfiction is a popular form of erotica because it allows readers to explore sexual situations between beloved characters. What makes AFF even better is the supportive community that not only offers a wide selection of steamy stories but also provides guidance and feedback for aspiring writers. So, if you’re looking for a place to indulge in your fantasies and improve your writing skills, Adult FanFiction is the perfect destination for you.

4. BDSM Cafe


This website is a must-visit for those who are passionate about BDSM. It offers a wide range of erotic stories that will surely arouse your senses. But it’s not just limited to that. You can also find poetry and useful advice to enhance your experience in the BDSM world. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced individual with kinks and fetishes, this site has something for everyone. So, don’t hesitate to check out BDSM Cafe now!

5. Alt Sex Stories Text Repository

Alt Sex Stories Text Repository

Welcome to ASSTR, also known as the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository! This site is well-known for its vast collection of erotic tales and its focus on the taboo subcategory known as Alt. As stated on its homepage, ASSTR does not shy away from potentially offensive content, making it a go-to destination for those seeking explicit stories. With a diverse community of users aged 18 and up, some of whom have been members for decades, ASSTR offers a welcoming space for those who enjoy provocative sex stories. If you’re looking for a home among like-minded individuals and crave steamy, boundary-pushing content, ASSTR is the perfect place for you.

6. LushStories


What if there was a social media platform specifically for erotica? That’s exactly what LushStories offers. It’s a unique combination of social media and an erotic website, making it the perfect destination for those looking to be a part of the online erotic community. With a vast selection of categories ranging from gay to college girls to monster sex, you’ll find yourself spending hours browsing through their endless supply of content. And if that’s not enough, the site also features a fantastic chatroom function, adding even more excitement to your experience.

7. Solo Touch

Solo Touch

This website, called Solo Touch, is dedicated to the topic of masturbation. It offers a variety of stories about different styles of self-pleasure, as well as mutual masturbation and exhibitionism. It’s a popular choice among those who enjoy erotica and exploring their own sexuality. You may even discover new ways to pleasure yourself while reading these stories. Overall, it’s a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their solo sexual experiences.

8. Nifty Stories

Nifty Stories

Nifty Stories, a website that has been in existence since 1992, is a beloved platform for those seeking well-written erotica. Despite its old-school appearance, Nifty Stories has managed to maintain its popularity due to its vast collection of romantic and sexual stories. It’s like stumbling upon a treasure chest filled with enticing tales. The quality and quantity of the content on this site have allowed it to withstand the test of time, making it a go-to destination for many who find themselves spending hours browsing through its pages.

9. Reddit GoneWild Stories

Reddit GoneWild Stories

This is a popular subreddit on Reddit called “GoneWildStories,” where people share their wild and steamy sexual experiences. The stories shared here are often true, adding to the excitement for readers. These stories range from confessions to cheating escapades and other thrilling sexual encounters that people have actually experienced. If you enjoy reading tell authentic stories, this is the place to be. And if you’re feeling daring, you can even contribute your own wild adventures to the NSFW community on Reddit.

10. HyperDreams


HyperDreams is an innovative platform that offers a unique take on erotica – choose-your-own-adventure style. With its customizable stories, you can tailor your experience to fit your exact fantasy, making it a truly amazing and personalized experience. Not only do they have pre-written stories for you to enjoy, but they also offer the option to change the story as you read it based on your choices, just like a choose-your-own-adventure book! Additionally, HyperDreams provides custom audio services, ensuring that you are always the main character in your own erotic story. Can you imagine being the star of your very own customized, and steamy adventure? It’s the ultimate material for self-pleasure.

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