Top 20: Best & Sexiest Pornstars with Small Boobs (2020)

I have previously shared numerous articles featuring various popular pornstars, including those with the largest breasts in the industry. Today, I will be focusing on a different category and listing down the best pornstars with small boobs who are currently active in the adult entertainment world. While researching for this list, I noticed that most mature women and MILFs tend to have larger, often fake, breasts, while younger pornstars usually have smaller, more natural ones. Despite my efforts to include more mature performers, the majority of the women on this list are young and have B-cup-sized breasts.

Before we dive into the list, I want to clarify that when I say “small boobs,” I am referring to breasts that are at least visible without the need for the performer to push them together. These are also breasts that can fit comfortably in one’s hands. If you prefer extremely tiny or flat-chested pornstars, then you may want to check out our list of the hottest flat-chested performers. Now that you know the criteria I used to create this list, let’s get started and see which pornstars with small tits made the cut!

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Best Pornstars with Small Boobs

22. Evelin Stone

Evelin Stone

Since her debut in 2017, the stunning Evelin Stone has been determined to work with the top porn studios in the industry. And she has certainly delivered on that promise, collaborating with the best talents and networks. But it’s not just luck that has made her popular – Evelin’s skills speak for themselves. Those who have had the pleasure of being in bed with her can attest to her ability to give mind-blowing orgasms. So next time you see this Native American beauty in a porn scene, don’t skip a single moment. Trust us, you won’t want to miss a second of her incredible performance. And if you want to see more of Evelin, be sure to check out!

21. Ginebra Bellucci

Ginebra Bellucci

Ginebra Bellucci is a stunning young woman who burst onto the scene a few years ago and has quickly established herself as a top performer in the industry. The Spanish adult film star is known for her intense and hardcore scenes, showcasing her skills and passion for the craft. She has a particular love for anal sex and isn’t afraid to take on a big challenge. With a beautiful figure and alluring assets, it’s no surprise that she has become a fan favorite. In my opinion, she deserves to be recognized as one of the best pornstars with smaller breasts. Based on her recent work, it’s clear that she will continue to make waves in the industry for years to come.

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20. Scarlit Scandal

Scarlit Scandal

This rising pornstar may be relatively new to the adult entertainment industry, but don’t let that fool you – she’s just as talented and skilled as any seasoned performer. Once the cameras start rolling and the clothes come off, Scarlit Scandal wastes no time in getting down to business with a hard cock or wet pussy. As one of the youngest pornstars on this list, she is constantly growing and honing her skills, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from her performances – she exudes confidence and experience beyond her years. If you’re a fan of cute, petite teens with insatiable sexual appetites, then you’ll definitely enjoy watching Scarlit Scandal in action. Check out her videos on and see for yourself!

19. Paige Owens

Paige Owens

Paige Owens may appear sweet and innocent, but don’t be fooled – she’s actually quite the expert when it comes to being a naughty and dirty girl. This stunning adult film star is no stranger to sex, especially when it involves giving intense and messy blowjobs. She also enjoys being dominated by her partners, making her completely at their mercy. With a flawless figure, including perfect breasts and a round booty, she can even twerk like a pro, as seen in many of her videos. So if you’re on the hunt for top pornstars with small breasts, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this anal queen. After all, who wouldn’t fantasize about a seemingly innocent girl who turns out to be a wild and insatiable lover? Don’t believe us? Just check out Paige Owens on!

18. Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy

You may have preconceived notions about girls in the porn industry, assuming they are all promiscuous and experienced with both men and women. However, this is not entirely accurate as Jill Kassidy started her career as a complete beginner. She had never had sex on camera or been with another woman, and was quite innocent at first. Despite this, she had a strong desire for intense sexual experiences and enjoyed pleasing her partners, which motivated her to give her best in every scene. Now, after several years in the industry and countless scenes under her belt, Jill has become one of the most adorable performers in the business and is skilled at pleasuring both men and women. If you want to see her in action, check out!

17. Kimber Woods

Kimber Woods

When I first stumbled upon her in a porn video, I was taken aback by the sight of Natasha Nice without her signature large breasts. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had undergone a breast reduction surgery. However, my confusion was quickly cleared when I realized that the stunning pornstar on screen was actually Kimber Woods. With her petite figure and smaller bust, she bears a striking resemblance to Natasha Nice. But it’s not just her looks that make her stand out – her sexual prowess is also on par with industry veterans.

Her bubbly and energetic personality adds to her charm, making her a favorite among those lucky enough to have the chance to fuck her. And let’s not forget about her incredible booty, which has rightfully earned her a spot on the list of hottest pornstars with the best ass. The combination of her petite body and amazing curves make her undeniably sexy. It’s safe to say that Kimber Woods is one of the most alluring pornstars with small breasts, and I have no doubt that her popularity will only continue to grow in the years to come.

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16. Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Janice Griffith has a strong addiction to sex, as she has openly admitted that she becomes unhappy if she doesn’t have at least 10 orgasms per day. While this may be an exaggeration, it’s clear that she is in the perfect profession to fulfill her sexual desires by constantly engaging in new sexual encounters and getting paid for it. Since her debut, this Indian starlet has consistently delivered incredible performances, and I personally am a huge fan of her videos because she embraces her submissive side and enjoys being dominated by her partners. Watching her squirm in pleasure and unable to control herself while squirting out her juices is undeniably arousing. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Janice Griffith on!

15. Scarlett Bloom

Scarlett Mae

Although she may appear sweet and innocent now, it’s clear that Scarlett Bloom has a seductive side waiting to be unleashed. As she continues to grow in the industry, we can expect her to dominate both men and women with her alluring presence. Standing tall among some of the tallest pornstars in the business, it’s no surprise that she has a commanding presence on screen. However, as a teenager, she often plays the role of a submissive girl, hiding her true sexual prowess. But as she explores new experiences, her performances become more intense and hardcore. It’s only a matter of time before she becomes a queen of anal and interracial scenes. Don’t miss out on watching Scarlett Bloom on!

14. Brooklyn Gray

Brooklyn Gray

Brooklyn Gray is a rising star in the adult film industry, having started her career just over a year ago. Despite her short time in the industry, she is a natural performer with a positive attitude towards sex and is completely at ease performing in front of the camera. Despite her young age, she has a strong passion for sex and is eager to explore all kinds of sexual experiences while she’s in the industry. In her short time as an actress, she has already taken on lesbian, creampie, anal, and interracial scenes, and is even comfortable handling multiple partners at once. Don’t miss out on watching her content, as it is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Check out Brooklyn Gray on now!

13. Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie

If you have a passion for sex and crave it constantly, then becoming a pornstar may be the perfect career path for you, just like it was for Ariana Marie! As a pornstar, she gets to travel the world, meet countless fans, and engage in amazing sexual experiences with different partners all the time. But even that isn’t enough for her, as she also enjoys having sex off-camera with strangers. Despite her innocent appearance, she has a wild side and loves exploring new sexual encounters with new people. Don’t overlook this stunning Latina pornstar, as she is definitely someone worth knowing about! Check out Ariana Marie’s work on for some steamy content.

12. Honey Gold

Honey Gold

I have been a huge admirer of Honey Gold’s performances ever since I first discovered her in a porn video. Her captivating presence on screen always leaves me wanting more, and I eagerly anticipate her new scenes. Honey Gold is truly blessed with a stunning figure, complete with flawless skin. Her seductive looks, perfect breasts, and tight, round buttocks are the envy of many women. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but this ebony pornstar also possesses an insatiable sexual appetite that allows her to enjoy all types of sex, from sensual to rough. Even after a long day of being pleasured, she still needs to masturbate multiple times to satisfy her sexual cravings. Don’t miss out on watching Honey Gold’s incredible performances on!

11. Kenzie Madison

Kenzie Madison

When a woman openly admits that she finds it arousing to imagine a man masturbating while watching her perform various naughty acts on camera, it gives you an idea of just how sexually adventurous she is. Kenzie Madison is that kind of woman, and she loves knowing that someone out there is getting off to her videos! It’s no surprise that she chose to become a pornstar, as she wanted to give her fans the ultimate experience. While she enjoys watching porn and using sex toys for self-pleasure, she truly gets turned on by being dominated and controlled by a well-endowed man. I, for one, would love to see this stunning blonde pornstar fulfill her desires time and time again!

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10. Carolina Sweets

Carolina Sweets

Carolina Sweets is widely recognized as one of the most attractive pornstars in the industry, known for her small breasts and innocent appearance. Despite starting out as a cam girl, it was inevitable that she would eventually make her way into the world of porn due to her stunning looks and irresistible figure. Since her debut, this beautiful woman has collaborated with top studios and worked with some of the best performers in the business, using her natural curves and perfect body to her advantage. Don’t miss out on watching Carolina Sweets in action on!

9. Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves

If you happen to be one of the smallest adult film stars in the industry, chances are you’ll often find yourself cast opposite a dominant partner who will take control and pleasure you in every position imaginable. While some actresses simply play the role of a submissive, others like Kenzie Reeves truly enjoy being at the mercy of their partners. With her petite frame and adorable appearance, she is able to fully embrace her submissive side while following the commands of her co-stars. Despite her small stature, her body is toned and boasts beautiful breasts with perky nipples. And if you haven’t seen her videos yet, you’re missing out on the sight of her taking on massive cocks and giving viewers an instant arousal. Don’t wait any longer, check out Kenzie Reeves on now!

8. Demi Sutra

Demi Sutra

Demi Sutra is definitely one of my top picks in the porn industry. If you haven’t had the chance to see her in action, then you are truly missing out on some incredibly steamy content. Not only is Demi Sutra absolutely stunning, but she also possesses the skills and talent that have propelled her to the top of the industry. Her dedication to yoga has given her body a level of flexibility that allows her to perform mind-blowing sex positions that most girls can only dream of.

This petite pornstar is a true delight to watch as she excels in both giving amazing blowjobs and pleasuring wet pussies with her tongue. And let’s not forget about her tight holes that can grip any size dick, making her partners struggle to hold on just a little bit longer before exploding inside her. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Demi Sutra on, where she continues to showcase her incredible talents. Trust me, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

7. Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik

Despite having small breasts, Adriana Chechik has established herself as one of the top pornstars in the industry. Her versatility is evident in the wide range of scenes she has performed in, from lesbian to hardcore. While she has a large fan base for her lesbian scenes, I personally enjoy watching her in intense hardcore scenes where she struggles to take in a big cock before being ravished in the roughest way possible. Not only does she excel in anal sex, but she also enjoys having all her holes filled at once, which can be seen in several of her videos where she engages in group sex with multiple partners. If you want to see more of Adriana Chechik’s incredible performances, check her out on!

6. Kali Roses

Kali Roses

Kali Roses is a highly sought-after pornstar in the industry, known for her perfect body with natural breasts and a stunning backside. However, her popularity is not just based on her physical appearance, but also her incredible skills in bed that will leave you craving for more. She knows exactly how to please her partners and can handle even the biggest of penises effortlessly. Whether it’s in hardcore scenes or lesbian ones, she always delivers and isn’t afraid to push her limits to achieve squirting orgasms. So if you’re looking for videos featuring the most talented pornstars with small breasts, Kali Roses should definitely be at the top of your list. Don’t miss out on watching her on!

5. India Summer

India Summer

India Summer stands out among other MILFs in the industry for keeping her natural breasts instead of opting for artificial enhancements. This stunning MILF pornstar not only maintains her natural looks on screen, but also delivers satisfying performances that leave viewers wanting more. With experience as a swinger and exhibitionist, India is confident in her body and sexuality, making her scenes even more captivating. She enjoys taking control over her younger partners, but also loves being dominated by a well-endowed man who can fulfill her desires. You can witness all of this and more by watching India Summer on!

4. Aidra Fox

Aidra Fox

Before becoming a popular porn star, Aidra Fox was known for her steamy cam shows that left her fans wanting more. However, she was always too eager to experiment with real men instead of plastic toys. One of her biggest fantasies is to be completely dominated in bed by a strong and experienced man. She craves to be his submissive and have him pleasure her until she can barely walk. This desire speaks volumes about her personality. I’ve watched her numerous times and she never fails to keep things exciting. Not only is she stunning, but she also has a passion for giving pleasure. Her enthusiasm for sucking hard cocks is evident, as she has perfected her skills by practicing on countless men.

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3. Ella Hughes

Ella Hughes

When it comes to the top pornstars with small breasts, we can’t overlook Ella Hughes. She has a stunning pair of boobs that are incredibly sensitive and get aroused with just a little touch. Ella has been in the adult entertainment industry for quite some time now and it’s safe to say that she enjoys being penetrated by well-endowed men, sometimes even to the point of rearranging her insides. This petite beauty is also known for her amazing figure, complete with a firm and juicy booty. Watching her experience a mix of pain and pleasure as she gets intensely pounded is truly a sight to behold! Don’t miss out on watching Ella Hughes on – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

2. Sybil A

Sybil A

Have you had the pleasure of watching the beautiful Sybil A in a porn video? If not, then you are missing out on one of the top Ukrainian pornstars in the industry. With her stunning looks and perfect body, she is a must-see for any true porn enthusiast. Her natural breasts, juicy ass, and flawless pussy will leave you mesmerized. Sybil’s scenes are more focused on sensuality and romance, with her partners lavishing attention on every inch of her body before getting to the main event. Even her hardcore scenes have a touch of romance, making them stand out from the rest. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Sybil A on!

1. Alina Lopez

Alina Lopez

It’s no surprise that Alina Lopez is at the top of this list, as she has quickly become a fan favorite since her debut. She has received nothing but praise from both fans and co-stars, solidifying her spot as one of the sexiest pornstars in the industry. With a diverse filmography, Lopez has proven her versatility in various genres of porn. Personally, I find her lesbian scenes to be particularly impressive, as she knows exactly how to use her tongue to pleasure her female co-stars. Her skills in clit-licking and fingering are also on par with industry veterans. Don’t miss out on watching Alina Lopez on!

Who Are Your Favorite Pornstars with Small Boobs?

These are my top choices for the best pornstars with small boobs. I would love to hear your thoughts on my selection. I understand that not everyone will agree with my picks, as there are countless other talented performers that I may have missed. That’s why I value your feedback. Please let me know which pornstars you believe should be included on this list. It’s impossible for me to include every single girl, so your suggestions will greatly assist me in creating a comprehensive list of the best small-breasted pornstars on the internet!

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