Top 30: Most Popular & Best Male Pornstars Right Now (2024)

We often search for various female pornstars, but we tend to overlook the male performers who are just as crucial to the porn industry. These individuals are often sidelined and reduced to mere props in videos, with all the focus on the female performer. However, their job is not an easy one as they have to maintain an erection and perform on command for hours during video shoots. In light of this, I believe it’s time to give the male pornstars the recognition they deserve with this list.

While my intention is to showcase the male performers in this article, there is another reason behind it. As a porn enthusiast, it’s better to remember the names of male performers rather than just the female ones. This is because male performers do a lot more scenes compared to their female counterparts. By knowing their names, you can easily find a variety of videos featuring them with different partners, be it teens, mature women, or MILFs. Additionally, by keeping track of male performers, you can also discover new female talents in the industry as they are often paired with experienced male performers in their early scenes. So, these are the two main reasons why it’s important to know the best male pornstars in the porn industry right now.

Best Male Pornstars of 2024

30. Michael Vegas

Michael Vegas

Honestly, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend anywhere near Michael Vegas. His charm and impressive members have a way of convincing even the most alluring and seductive women to give in to their desires and get soaking wet. Michael is unafraid to push boundaries and embrace his sexuality, which includes being open to having his anus fisted by anyone brave enough. He also has no qualms about being pegged or double penetrated. If you’re curious to see more of Michael’s wild side, check out his work on!

29. Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn

This charming man is a popular choice among women, who willingly offer themselves to experience the intense pleasure that comes with his impressive package! Tommy is not only good-looking and charismatic but also skilled in making women feel special and encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty. He has received numerous accolades and has a talent for finding the elusive G-spot and delivering unforgettable moments of ecstasy!

28. Chad White

Chad White

Chad White is a well-known and highly sought-after adult film star with an impressive resume of appearances in countless XXX movies. His on-screen performances are so intense that they may even make you feel the pain in your own balls! Standing tall and oozing with charm, Chad’s muscular physique and strength allow him to effortlessly lift and pleasure his female co-stars with his massive member. While he may only be interested in women, his good looks have certainly caught the attention of many, including myself. It’s no surprise that he has earned a top spot in any list of the best male pornstars. Don’t miss out on watching Chad White in action on!

27. JMac


You may have seen Jmac in action, even if you don’t know his name. With his distinct appearance of a shaven head, muscular build, beard, and large penis, he stands out from the rest. Jmac is known for his expertise in satisfying petite pornstars with his massive member, often causing them to cry out in pleasure and disbelief. It’s no surprise that this guy seems to have an insatiable appetite for sex, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he has been with every girl within a mile radius of his home. Don’t miss out on watching JMac’s performances on!

26. Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble

Meet Seth Gamble, the go-to guy for studios looking for someone who can expertly find and fill any hole with his impressive skills. With his captivating eyes and seductive voice, he has a way of making women uncontrollably wet. Not to mention, his confidence is as big as his avocado-sized balls and his cock is powerful enough to take down a gator. Don’t miss out on watching Seth Gamble in action on!

25. Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle

Meet the ultimate fuck machine, Johnny Castle! This man is a force to be reckoned with, equipped with a powerful cock that could probably dig for diamonds in Death Valley. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy who wastes no time when it comes to satisfying a woman’s needs. With his relentless thrusts, he can make any pussy feel like a castle wall under attack. And trust me, many women have been left sore and needing ice after an encounter with Johnny. Don’t believe me? Check out his steamy scenes on!

24. Sean Lawless

Sean Lawless

Meet Sean Lawless, the ultimate alpha male in the adult film industry. With a name like Lawless, it’s no surprise that he commands respect and admiration from both his peers and fans alike. He is especially popular among women who crave a well-endowed partner to fulfill their deepest desires.

Standing tall and lean, Sean has a boy-next-door charm that makes him irresistible to anyone who lays eyes on him. But don’t let his innocent looks fool you, because once he unleashes his weapon of war, there’s no stopping him. His cock is straight and ready to please, leaving every female quivering with anticipation.

With hundreds of XXX movies under his belt, Sean is a seasoned pro at satisfying the insatiable cravings of gorgeous pornstars. His lawless cock aims to turn them into jelly with every thrust.

If you want to witness Sean Lawless in action, head over to where you can watch him work his magic. Trust us, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

23. Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes

Meet Steve Holmes, a Romanian man with a towering stature and a full beard. His impressive endowment would make even the devil himself shudder. He’s known for his versatility and agility in the bedroom, leaving no opening untouched as he searches for pleasure like clues to a mystery. Ladies, beware – not even a chastity belt can protect you from his uncircumcised and relentless thrusts. While he may lack charisma, his long and satisfying member more than makes up for it, earning him a spot on the list of best male pornstars. Don’t miss out on watching Steve Holmes in action on!

22. Alex Legend

Alex Legend

This handsome French bulldog has an irresistible smile that makes you want to give him a kiss. Standing at over 6 feet tall, he is lean and slim with a weapon of choice that is as long as my arm – his impressive boner! With a muscular and tattooed physique, Alex Legend knows how to make any woman’s pussy squirt and does it in a truly impressive manner. Let’s give it up for this legend and his amazing skills that will leave any woman craving for more. Don’t miss out on watching Alex Legend on and see for yourself why he is a true master at making women cream.

21. Small Hands

Small Hands

Aaron Thompson, known by his stage name Small Hands, is currently one of the top male performers in the adult film industry. He is married to another popular and tattooed pornstar, Joanna Angel. While his hands may or may not be small, there is no denying that his sexual prowess is unmatched. He enjoys receiving oral sex, performing cunnilingus, and having intense sex with his partners. You can catch Small Hands in action on!

20. Charles Dera

Charles Dera

Meet Mr. Charles, a former marine with a larger than life personality and an impressive member that could hold open an aircraft hanger! With his effortless charm, handsome looks, and rock-hard muscles, he could easily seduce a queen. Not to mention, he has the stamina to outlast most men in bed. His signature handlebar mustache adds to his appeal, and he has been satisfying women with his cum for longer than you’ve been in school. From newcomers to seasoned pornstars, young adults to mature women, everyone has had a taste of his cock and felt it pulsating in their holes. And not one of them has ever left unsatisfied! Don’t miss out on watching Charles Dera in action on!

19. Kyle Mason

Kyle Mason

The male pornstars featured on this list are all quite tall, and Kyle Mason is no exception. Standing at over 6 feet, he may seem like a typical good-looking guy, but don’t be fooled – he has a secret weapon that will leave you speechless. With his impressive size, he knows exactly how to please and satisfy women, making them feel like they’re in heaven. Kyle is eager to use his well-endowed member to explore every inch of a woman’s body, leaving them begging for more. Just be careful not to get too close to him, or you might find yourself in for a wild ride! Check out Kyle Mason’s performances on and see for yourself.

18. Ricky Spanish

Ricky Spanish

Wow, Ricky Spanish looks like he could be my son! If I had a son like him, I would definitely consider introducing him to the ladies in town once he reached adulthood. With his impressive endowment and youthful appearance, he would surely drive them wild and give them endless pleasure. Ricky may be smaller than some of the other guys on this list, but his clean-shaven and fresh-faced look has no trouble attracting countless women. Don’t believe me? Check out his scenes on and see for yourself!

17. Scott Nails

Scott Nails

This handsome and heavily tattooed male, originally from Arizona, reminds me of a former prison inmate who used his sexual prowess to turn his life around. Scott is known for his intense and rough style of nailing women, almost breaking their tailbones in the process. He has worked with numerous major studios in the industry and has received multiple award nominations. After taking a break from the adult film industry, he made a strong comeback and has been satisfying all the gorgeous pornstars one by one. Don’t miss out on watching Scott Nails in action on!

16. Tommy Pistol

Tommy Pistol

This rugged cowboy means business! Meet Tommy Pistol, whose name comes from the impressive six-shooter he carries between his legs. This weapon is always ready for action and can easily split a woman in two, leaving her sore for days. Despite his intimidating presence, Tommy is actually a nice guy with a handsome face, muscular build, beard, and plenty of tattoos. But don’t mess with him, because he’s armed and dangerous, and knows exactly how to make any woman around him experience intense pleasure. Check out Tommy Pistol on for yourself!

15. Bambino


In many adult videos, the male performers often go unnoticed and uncredited, with all the attention being on the female stars. This is especially true for Bambino, a highly talented male pornstar who has worked with some of the most stunning women in the industry. Despite his impressive skills and well-endowed physique, he rarely receives the recognition he deserves. It’s a shame that such a handsome, muscular, and skilled performer like Bambino doesn’t get the respect he should. Not only is he great at giving deep strokes to satisfy his partners, but he also seems to be an expert at pleasing them with his tongue. Don’t miss out on watching Bambino in action on!

14. Owen Gray

Owen Gray

Owen Gray is a strikingly tall man with piercing green eyes. He has a gentle face and long limbs, giving him the appearance of either a musician or a plumber. One notable feature is his impressive length, with his cock nearly reaching his feet! His body is also adorned with numerous tattoos. In bed, he is known for his energetic thrusts and expert skills that can leave even the most insatiable partner begging for a break. It’s no wonder he has earned a spot on the list of best male pornstars – he truly is a champion in the industry. Don’t miss out on watching Owen Gray’s performances on!

13. Mick Blue

Mick Blue

Mick Blue is a rebellious Austrian man known for his impressive sexual prowess. He has a strong and powerful penis that could easily take down a cargo train. Standing at an average height, he has been satisfying women for many years with his skills in the bedroom. It’s been said that he has appeared in over a thousand adult films, which means there are probably countless women out there who have been left walking funny after experiencing his intense lovemaking. If you want to see Mick Blue in action, check him out on!

12. Ricky Johnson

Ricky Johnson

The adult film industry was forever changed when Ricky Johnson burst onto the scene about five years ago. This charismatic and talented performer has received numerous award nominations and wins, solidifying his place as a top player in the industry. With his dark complexion and irresistible charm, Ricky has captured the hearts of many female stars, including Adriana Chechik, with his impressive skills in the bedroom. He is often regarded as one of the most attractive men in the business and is known for his well-endowed BBC that he confidently uses to satisfy any woman who craves a powerful and intense experience. Don’t miss out on watching Ricky Johnson in action on!

11. James Deen

James Deen

James Deen is not your typical male pornstar. Unlike most of his peers, he has a slimmer build and no tattoos, giving him a more relatable appearance. His passion for starring in porn movies began at a young age and was fulfilled when he turned 18. Since then, James has become the youngest recipient of the Male Performer of the Year award and has appeared in over 3,000 adult films. However, his career has been marred by recent sexual misconduct allegations, which have had a significant impact on his reputation and work opportunities.

10. Markus Dupree

Markus Dupree

Markus Dupree is the first Russian on this list, and he definitely knows how to intimidate me! Standing at just under six feet tall, with a muscular physique and a thick cock that could rival your thigh, Markus has a forgettable face but an unforgettable presence. He has a particular fondness for asses, which is why you’ll often find him in videos choosing a tight butthole over a juicy pussy. Don’t be fooled by his charming smile, any girl who dares to bring her butt near him better be ready for some intense anal action!

9. Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee

Originally from England, Keiran Lee is a tall and attractive man who always seems to have a knowing smirk on his face. With a toned body and an impressively long member, it’s a wonder he doesn’t trip over it with every step! It’s no surprise that women can’t resist sucking and playing with his cock before eagerly taking it deep inside their wet and eager holes. Keiran has a natural charm that makes it easy for him to seduce any woman, and if that’s not enough, all he has to do is drop his shorts to make them beg for him to join them in bed.

If you want to see Keiran Lee in action, check out for some steamy content!

8. Jordi El Niño Polla

Jordi El Niño Polla

You may have come across the playful antics of Jordi El Niño Polla at some point. He is a slender man who appears to be almost as short as a middle schooler and hails from Spain. Despite not being fluent in English, Jordi has no need for it when he can use his impressive “anaconda” to do things that most other men cannot. His skills are so impressive that he deserves to be knighted, and he has certainly made many people envious with his performances alongside top porn stars on the big screen. If you want to see Jordi in action, check him out on!

7. Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon

At 57 inches, Tyler Nixon may be shorter than the average male pornstar, but he is still highly regarded in the industry. In his early thirties, he has a fit and attractive physique that can make anyone swoon. With his long brown hair, it’s hard not to want to run your fingers through it. There’s just something about him that makes women trust him and willingly open their legs for him to work his magic on their eager bodies. Tyler’s favorite activity is indulging in young and fresh pussy, using his long rod to satisfy his partners. You can witness him in action and pick up a few tips that will have your partner thanking you for a long time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch Tyler Nixon on!

6. Jason Luv

Jason Luv

When Jason Luv locks his gaze on you, it’s not love that you feel, but pure lust. This black man is larger than life and has a fierce demeanor that could intimidate even the most hardened individuals. With a contract with Blacked and enough tattoos to make a biker gang tremble, Jason Luv is not one to mess with. And let’s not forget about his massive member that puts even jackhammers to shame. Once he starts, there’s no stopping until his partner is left completely satisfied. It’s no surprise that some of his partners struggle to walk normally after experiencing him. Don’t miss out on the action and check out Jason Luv on!

5. Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus is often seen as a bit of a rebel, and I can’t say I disagree with that label! He’s the type of guy you can picture effortlessly seducing every woman in a 48-hour radius after moving to a new neighborhood. With a chiseled physique, bulging muscles, and an impressive member, Xander is a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom. He’s not afraid to go after any willing partner, whether it’s a female orifice or backdoor, he’ll make sure they’re thoroughly satisfied. Don’t miss out on watching Xander Corvus in action on!

4. Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins

If I ever came across Johnny Sins walking towards me on a city street, I would probably turn and run in the opposite direction. He is an intimidating figure with his towering height, muscular build, and bald head. Not to mention, his impressive manhood that could easily take down a dragon! With his strength, he can effortlessly lift a woman and pleasure her for hours, leaving her needing physical therapy afterwards. He may be bad news, but if you’re looking for a hardcore pounding, he’s the one to fulfill your desires. Check out Johnny Sins on for some intense action!

3. Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi

Meet Rocco, the legendary adult film star who your parents probably secretly watched when you were tucked in bed. With a room full of prestigious awards and a spot in the AVN hall of Fame, this Italian stallion is as handsome as they come. He’s known for his diverse range of sexual techniques and has a particular fondness for penetrating tight assholes and indulging in some ass-eating. Don’t be fooled by his charming looks; Rocco likes it rough, and I can only imagine how many hearts (and other body parts) he’s left broken in his wake.

2. Danny D

Danny D

Meet Danny D, the well-endowed man who puts most others to shame with his impressive membership. This former construction worker carries around a third leg that would make anyone weak in the knees. He’s known for finding willing partners who can handle his size, and he knows how to use it to leave them satisfied. Despite his average looks, Danny D stands tall and commands respect from those who underestimate him. He’s even been known to teach others about the importance of respecting a “monster dong” like his own. If he ever decided to run for president, I would definitely vote for him! Check out Danny D in action on and see for yourself why he’s earned his reputation as the “dick guy.”

1. Manuel Ferrara

Manuel Ferrara

This man is incredibly skilled at pleasuring women, so much so that he has received numerous awards for it! Manuel, who is in his forties, is not only attractive but also has a way of making women swoon with his big “meat” and undeniable charm. He has been with countless beautiful women and has left them screaming in pleasure as he passionately thrusts away. It’s no surprise that he has earned a spot on the list of best male pornstars, and it’s likely that he will always hold the number one spot. If you want to see Manuel in action, check out his work on!

Who Are Your Favorite Male Pornstars of 2024?

These were some of the top male performers in the adult film industry that you should definitely be familiar with! While female performers may be more well-known, it’s important to acknowledge that without male stars, hardcore porn videos would not have the same level of intense energy and domination.

Before wrapping up, I want to address the lack of representation of black male pornstars on this list. While there are a few mentioned, I have also created a separate list specifically featuring the best BBC pornstars in the industry, so be sure to check that out.

I welcome any suggestions to improve this list of the best male pornstars. Please feel free to share your favorite male performers in the comments section below!

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