Top 20: Hot Pornstars with Pale White Skin (2021)

Are you curious about the presence of pale pornstars in the industry? Look no further, as there are actually quite a few of them. However, finding the best ones may take some time and effort. If that’s not something you want to do, then you can rely on people like me to do the job for you. Personally, I enjoy watching pornstars with pale white skin just as much as those with brown or black skin. That’s why I have compiled this list of pale skin pornstars – so I can easily find new girls to watch and so that you have a go-to list when you’re feeling down.

I’m sure you’ve come across other articles listing down pale skin pornstars, but what sets this one apart is that it only includes active performers. You won’t find any retired or inactive pornstars on this list. So while popular names like Stoya may not be included, you’ll discover current pale pornstars to look out for in their latest videos.

Best Pornstars With Pale White Skin (2021)

20. Annabel Redd

Annabel Redd

Annabel Redd is undeniably one of the top pale pornstars in the industry. Not only does she have a stunning appearance, but she also possesses the ability to extract cum like no other. Her fans often find themselves rushing to the emergency room just to find a way to stop their uncontrollable orgasms. With her milky skin, natural and ample breasts, curvy figure, and petite frame, Annabel is truly a sight to behold. And let’s not forget about her juicy booty that turns any cock entering her from behind into a leaky faucet. Don’t miss out on watching this talented pornstar in action on!

19. Kiara Lord

Kiara Lord

Meet Kiara Lord, one of the most stunning adult film stars to ever grace our screens. With her petite figure and radiant smile, this European beauty has the power to make anyone hard in a matter of seconds! Her piercing blue eyes and ample bust are just some of the features that make her stand out in the industry. Kiara is not afraid to take control in the bedroom and her performances are top-notch. And let’s not forget about her irresistible lips that have the ability to make any man feel like they’ve hit the jackpot. Don’t miss out on watching Kiara Lord in action on!

18. Jewelz Blu

Jewelz Blu

If you’ve been searching high and low for a precious gem, consider yourself lucky to have stumbled upon Jewelz Blu! This stunning pornstar has pale skin, long legs, and a perky rear. She’s known for dyeing her hair blue and is undeniably beautiful. With her large fake breasts and insatiable appetite for both hard cocks and wet pussies, this German starlet is sure to capture your attention. Her ability to spread wide for the ultimate pleasure makes her one of a kind. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Jewelz Blu in action on – she truly is a rare and valuable jewel in the world of adult entertainment.

17. Angelina Diamanti

Angelina Diamanti

Behold the stunning Angelina Diamanti, whose ability to arouse is unmatched across the galaxy! Standing at an impressive 58 inches, this babe boasts one of the longest legs in the porn industry. Despite being 31 years old, she still has a youthful appearance that could easily be mistaken for a sweet and innocent teenager. With her voluptuous fake breasts, it’s no wonder she has been featured on numerous “hottest pornstars” lists. And let’s not forget about her impressive skills in pleasuring massive cocks – although I must admit, counting them all would be a daunting task. If you want to witness Angelina Diamanti in action, head over to for some steamy content.

16. Emma Starletto

Emma Starletto

Emma Starletto is a 21-year-old pale pornstar who will leave you in awe with her smile and seductive moves. She is one of the youngest and skinniest pornstars on this list, making her stand out even more. With her blonde hair, blue eyes, and A-cup breasts, she is known as one of the flattest-chested pornstars in the industry. Emma has a particular preference for large male genitalia and no one seems to be able to change that. If you want to see her in action, head over to and watch her alongside other stunning pale pornstars.

15. Lenina Crowne

Lenina Crowne

Lenina Crowne, a stunning redhead from England, is known for her captivating beauty and irresistible charm. With her tall, leggy figure and ample bosom, she leaves a lasting impression on anyone who crosses her path. Her voluptuous curves and flawless features are enough to make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Lenina is not afraid to indulge in some steamy action, often leaving dentists feeling uneasy with her frequent mouth-to-meat encounters. Her seductive moans have the power to arouse even the most unresponsive of objects. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Lenina Crowne in all her glory on!

14. Lottie Magne

Lottie Magne

Lottie Magne is a rising star in the adult film industry, known for her pale complexion and youthful appearance. At just a young age, she fearlessly takes on the challenge of satisfying her partners with her tight holes. Despite her petite frame, Lottie is not afraid to take on massive members that push her limits. She is undeniably one of the cutest and most sought-after performers in the industry, with her irresistible charm and insatiable desire for pleasure. Don’t miss out on watching Lottie Magne in action on!

13. Dolly Leigh

Dolly Leigh

Dolly Leigh is a stunning adult film actress who deserves recognition on multiple lists, including this one for pale pornstars. Her flawless skin looks like it was handpicked from a beautiful cow, and she has a curvaceous figure with a plump bottom and natural 34B breasts that are perfectly proportioned. Dolly also seems to have a love for chocolate, so grab some Vaseline and enjoy watching her take on massive BBCs that could easily qualify for their own passports. Check out Dolly’s work on and see for yourself why she’s a fan favorite!

12. Mary Moody

Mary Moody

If you’re looking for a surefire way to ruin your day and get absolutely nothing done, just click on any video featuring the stunning Mary Moody! With her flawless looks and irresistible charm, this starlet is guaranteed to leave you feeling moody for days. But don’t worry, there’s a simple solution – just take a moment to relax and let all that pent-up frustration out. Mary is a delightful adult film actress with a gorgeous face, a perky bubble butt, and natural 28G breasts. She loves to please and is known for her passionate performances with other female performers. So why not indulge in some steamy girl-on-girl action with Mary Moody on Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

11. Lily Rader

Lily Rader

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about stirring Lily Rader into your morning coffee and savoring every drop? It’s hard not to when this stunningly sweet pale pornstar is in the picture. Lily Rader is a slim, blonde, and adorable adult film actress who can make even the most taboo acts look irresistible. Standing at 5’6″ and weighing 52kg, she may have a petite frame but her performances are anything but small. With her tiny 32B breasts and a perky backside, it’s no wonder she attracts multiple BBCs who can’t seem to get enough of her. If you want to see Lily Rader in action, check out her videos on!

10. Arietta Adams

Arietta Adams

This stunning and alluring redhead is not just a pretty face, she’s also a well-known pornstar. Her name is Arietta Adams and she has openly admitted to being a nympho, which is evident in her performances. So, if you want to have some steamy dreams, make sure to have your cocks ready before bedtime. Arietta is attracted to both men and women and loves to be spanked and given a cock to suck on like a bored child. She also gets extremely vocal when big black cocks enter her fat ass and dive into her creamy pussy. Don’t miss out on watching Arietta Adams on!

9. Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte is a stunning and unique pornstar, known for her petite frame, extensive tattoos, and gothic style. She has quickly become one of the most desirable pale pornstars in the industry. Before entering the world of adult entertainment, Charlotte was a webcam model. However, she eventually craved more physical interactions and decided to make the switch. Her insatiable appetite for pleasure knows no bounds, as she enjoys all types of partners and experiences. This slim and fair-skinned beauty is not afraid to push boundaries, often participating in DP scenes and showing off her impressive oral skills. You can catch Charlotte in action on – don’t miss out on this unforgettable performer!

8. Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville, a 23-year-old American beauty, has been in the adult industry since 2015. She is known for her natural 34C breasts, tattoos, piercings, and her love for extreme activities. From anal stretching to BBC domination, BDSM, and more, she’s not afraid to push boundaries. In fact, there’s even a video of her taking on three different guys at once and having her backdoor filled with what appears to be a flowerpot. It’s no surprise that people wonder how she manages to sit down after all that! If you want to see Anna De Ville in action, check out for some steamy content.

7. Ella Hughes

Ella Hughes

There are many redheaded pornstars with fair skin on this list, but Ella Hughes stands out as one of the most alluring. With her perky backside and natural 32B breasts, she is simply irresistible. This petite pornstar seems to have a fascination with BBCs, perhaps believing they hold the secret to eternal youth and wealth. She rides them with such fervor that it’s no wonder her cervix has taken a beating. Yet, despite the intense pounding, it remains tight and intact. You can catch Ella Hughes in action on – don’t miss out!

6. Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore is an adorable and charming individual, and her smile can make any man’s “snake” stand at attention. She has a slender figure, beautiful blonde hair, a stunning smile, and perfect breasts with pierced nipples. She enjoys both male and female partners, and she especially loves when average-sized penises enter her vagina or anus and thrust like a powerful jackhammer. To see more of Lexi Lore, check out her videos on!

5. Dolly Little

Dolly Little

In this photo, we can see the petite and charming Dolly Little posing in her birthday suit. Standing at just 49 inches tall, she is one of the smallest pornstars to grace the industry. At 25 years old, Dolly is a slim and fiery redhead with perky fake breasts and a cute little bottom. Despite her tiny stature, Dolly is not afraid to take on massive penises and let them dominate her small frame. If you want to see Dolly in action, check out her videos on!

4. Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire is a stunning adult film star with flawless skin that will leave you in awe. Her beauty is enough to make anyone want to worship her with the biggest erection they can muster. With her auburn hair, petite breasts, and perfectly shaped backside, she has the ability to captivate and excite any man. Even those with massive endowments cannot resist her charms and eagerly dive into her with intense passion, pounding her like there’s no tomorrow. If you want to witness this goddess in action, check out Evelyn Claire on!

3. Hazel Moore

Hazel Moore

Hazel Moore is a stunning pornstar who will make you fall in love with her at first sight. With her hazel eyes and perky 34D natural breasts, she is irresistible to any man. Her slim and toned body will leave you in awe, and her tightness will drive you wild. She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pornstars on this list, and her seductive skills will make you believe that your erection is the best weapon in the world.

If you want to see more pale-skinned pornstars like Hazel, check out! They have a wide selection of videos featuring these gorgeous women. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch them in action!

2. Nala Brooks

Nala Brooks

Meet Nala Brooks, a young and stunning pornstar who will capture your heart with her divine beauty. At 23 years old, she has a sweet smile, full breasts, and stands at an average height. She is also adorned with tattoos and piercings, including her perfectly pierced and natural breasts. And let’s not forget about her amazing bubble butt, which is the epitome of perfection and juiciness. Nala is known for her love of big, cervix-smashing cocks, and her reactions are simply mind-blowing. You can’t help but be mesmerized by the way she speaks in tongues when faced with a massive boner that breaks her open and leaves her begging for mercy! Don’t miss out on watching Nala Brooks in action on

1. Bunny Colby

Bunny Colby

The cutest and most lovable bunnies can be found in the animal kingdom, but none compare to the irresistible charm of Bunny Colby. At 28 years old, she is one of the most alluring and sought-after pornstars in the industry. With her blonde locks and stunning features, Bunny is undeniably the epitome of beauty. Her voluptuous figure, complete with big fake breasts and a curvaceous bubble butt, only adds to her appeal.

Despite claiming to be bisexual, Bunny’s preference for BBCs and other massive cocks is evident in her work. She may have a soft spot for women, but it seems like these well-endowed men are the ones who truly capture her attention. If you want to see Bunny in action, check out her performances on, where she never fails to impress with her seductive moves and insatiable appetite for pleasure. Don’t miss out on this blonde bombshell’s steamy scenes!

Did You Like These Pornstars With Pale White Skin?

These were some of the top pale skin pornstars currently working in the industry. If you read through the entire article and didn’t see popular names like Stoya, it’s because they were intentionally left out, as mentioned at the beginning of the article. This list only includes active porn stars, not those who have retired or haven’t filmed new scenes in a while.

I hope you found some new performers to enjoy from this list. If so, please consider sharing the article and spreading the word about these stunning pornstars with fair skin!

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