Top 20: Married Pornstars & Divorced Couples in Porn (2021)

There is a significant number of married pornstars couples in the adult industry, many of whom are married to individuals outside of the industry. However, this article will focus on married and divorced couples where both partners are involved in the industry or have been at some point. Compiling this list was a challenge as information on these couples is often limited, and unless a pornstar is extremely popular, they may not have a Wikipedia page with personal details.

Being a pornstar is just like any other job, and while it may be considered taboo or looked down upon by some, it requires hard work and dedication. This also means that pornstars can meet people in social settings, go on dates, and enter into relationships. However, being in a relationship with a pornstar requires a strong mindset as one must be comfortable with their partner’s profession. It is understandable why many pornstars choose to date and marry within their own industry to avoid complications in their personal lives. This is one of the main reasons why pornstars often prefer to marry fellow pornstars.

Top Married Pornstars & Divorced Couples (2021)

23. Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart (Married)

Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart (Married)

Charlotte Sartre is a stunning and adventurous woman who loves to indulge in wild sexual encounters. Despite her innocent appearance, she has no limits when it comes to satisfying her desires. It’s unfortunate that she is married and freely gives herself to Lance Hart, a handsome male pornstar who shares her love for kink, bisexuality, and fetishes. With his skills, he can surely keep Charlotte’s pussy satisfied and entertained. Don’t miss out on watching the hottest pornstars like Charlotte and Lance on!

22. Nina Hartley & Ernest Greene (Divorced)

Nina Hartley & Ernest Greene (Divorced)

The famous Nina Hartley was married to Ernest Greene for a considerable amount of time. They had an open relationship, where they were both free to engage in sexual activities with other people. Despite their marriage ending in 2019, Ernest was fortunate enough to have access to Nina’s body whenever he desired. This is something that many men would envy and dream of having. If you’re interested in watching some of the sexiest pornstars, check out through the link provided!

21. Stormy Daniels & Brendon Miller (Divorced)

Stormy Daniels & Brendon Miller (Divorced)

When you have a sexual encounter with the leader of a powerful country like Stormy Daniels did, it’s no surprise that you become incredibly famous! This well-endowed blonde and former Penthouse Pet had a fling with Donald Trump, which quickly catapulted her to the top of every man’s fantasy list. Stormy tied the knot with fellow pornstar and hardcore drummer Brendon Miller in late 2015, but their marriage ended in mid-2018. Despite keeping quiet about their relationship, Stormy can’t resist talking about her love for satisfying male desires.

20. Jasmine Jae & Ryan Ryder (Married)

Jasmine Jae & Ryan Ryder (Married)

Just one glance at Jasmine Jae, and it’s hard to resist her charms. This British MILF is not one to be denied, as she will surely have you wrapped around her finger if you don’t comply with her desires. And that could even mean engaging in some unconventional activities, like making love to a porcupine while she watches! With her voluptuous figure, towering height, and commanding presence, Jasmine is the epitome of a true pornstar who has been satisfying men for years. She is happily married to Ryan Ryder, a charming man with a contagious smile and an impressively straight member who can put your math skills to the test!

19. Casey Calvert & Eli Cross (Married)

Casey Calvert & Eli Cross (Married)

At 30 years old, Casey Calvert has a stunning figure that will leave you with some serious arousal. She has kept her legs closed until the age of 18 and enjoys being spanked and having her cute butthole pleasured. Her tiny, all-natural breasts are possibly the sweetest in this list. Currently married to Eli Cross, an AVN hall of famer and renowned director and actor in the adult film industry, Casey is no stranger to fame and recognition. Don’t miss out on watching the sexiest pornstars on by clicking the link provided!

18. Nadia North & Peter North (Divorced)

Nadia North & Peter North (Divorced)

Nadia North is a stunning blonde whose seductive gaze can make you weak in the knees. With her petite figure, enhanced breasts, and insatiable appetite for oral pleasure, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She was previously married to Peter North, a well-known adult film star and director. However, their marriage ended in 2019 when Nadia filed for divorce, citing domestic violence as the reason.

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17. Jesse Jane & Rick Patrick (Divorced)

Jesse Jane & Rick Patrick (Divorced)

Jesse Jane is a popular blonde adult film actress known for her striking green eyes and insatiable appetite for sex. She has gained a reputation for being bold, shameless, and unapologetically brassy in her performances. With numerous awards and a long list of well-endowed partners, she has solidified her place as one of the top performers in the industry.

In 2007, Jesse Jane married Rick Patrick, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2012. Fans of Jesse Jane may still be mourning the loss of this power couple, as they were known for their intense chemistry on screen.

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16. Faith Leon & Marcos Leon (Married)

Faith Leon & Marcos Leon (Married)

For those seeking the ultimate experience that will leave them feeling god-like, look no further than Faith Leon! Her captivating gaze and irresistible charm will make it hard to resist her seductive allure. And let’s not forget her long legs, perfect bubble butt, and natural 34B breasts that will surely awaken your primal desires. Faith was active in the industry from 2004 to 2016 and is now happily married to Marcus Leon, a regular guy with a massive member. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch the sexiest pornstars, including Faith, on! Click the link now for an unforgettable experience.

15. Asa Akira & Toni Ribas (Divorced)

Asa Akira & Toni Ribas (Divorced)

We’re sure you’re familiar with the stunning Asa Akira, but we can’t help but be amazed by her incredible beauty and talents. She’s a favorite among male performers, who can’t resist worshipping and adoring her every move. As an Asian XXX star, she stands out not only for her gorgeous face, but also for her perfect curves and insatiable desire for well-endowed partners. From her marriage to Tony Ribas, a highly respected and successful XXX actor, director, and producer, from 2012 to 2017, it’s clear that Asa is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Don’t miss out on watching the hottest pornstars, including Asa, on!

14. Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison (Married)

Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison (Married)

Meet Kelly Madison, the beloved watermelon vendor with a natural and impressive set of FF breasts. She and her husband Ryan Madison are the brains behind Kelly Madison Productions, a popular adult film company that consistently ranks high on Pornhub and other platforms. However, recent allegations against Ryan Madison for rape, coercion, and sexual abuse have put a dark cloud over their success. Despite this controversy, Kelly remains a fan favorite and can be seen on, along with other top pornstars.

13. Brandy Aniston & Barry Scott (Married)

Brandy Aniston & Barry Scott (Married)

Do you have an abacus nearby? You’ll definitely need one to keep track of all the XXX clips featuring the talented Brandy Aniston. With her insatiable desire, Brandy has left her mark on countless adult films. Her stunning features, including a resting bitch face that demands rough treatment, make her a leggy and fashionable cum extractor. She’s blessed with a beautiful oval face that begs to be kissed, perky assets, and is married to the infamous Barry Scott. This bald, muscular, and tattooed biker is not one to mess with, as he will leave you unable to sit for the rest of the year after a good ass pounding.

12. Leigh Raven & Nikki Hearts (Married)

Leigh Raven & Nikki Hearts (Married)

The photo features Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts, two stunning and heavily tattooed pornstars. They are both young, tall, and slim with attractive curves. Despite not having as many tattoos as Leigh, Nikki is equally alluring. Interestingly, the two are married and seem to be content with each other’s company. With no men involved, one can only imagine how much time they spend pleasuring themselves and each other. If you want to see more of these gorgeous ladies, check out for some steamy content!

11. Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo (Married)

11. Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo (Married)

Marcello Bravo must be over the moon with happiness as he is not only a successful pornographic actor and director, but also married to the stunning Little Caprice. Unfortunately, she is not included in our list of the most beautiful pornstars, which is a shame considering her immense popularity among men worldwide. Their relationship seems like a match made in heaven, although it may be disappointing for her fans to know that she is no longer available. For those looking for some steamy content, check out for the sexiest pornstars.

10. Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue (Married)

Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue (Married)

Anikka Albrite is a gorgeous woman with a voluptuous figure that surpasses the expectations for her age. Her striking blue eyes, long legs, and perfectly round backside are enough to make any man weak in the knees. She is a talented performer who can make anyone crave to be intimate with her, and she isn’t afraid to indulge in some anal play over traditional vaginal sex. Anikka is known for her love of well-endowed men, and it’s no surprise that her husband, fellow pornstar Mick Blue, is more than capable of satisfying her desires. If you want to see the hottest pornstars in action, check out!

9. Mia Malkova & Danny Mountain (Divorced)

Mia Malkova & Danny Mountain (Divorced)

Being a pornographic actor requires more than just being physically open and having the ability to handle large genitalia without causing harm. Mia Malkova serves as a prime example of a successful adult film star, possessing both stunning looks and impressive talents. She effortlessly collects awards like one would casually snack on popcorn at the movies, and her beauty is truly captivating with a voluptuous bust and enviable legs. And let’s not forget about her infamous derriere, known as the softest and most perfect bubble butt in this world and beyond. In 2014, she tied the knot with fellow popular porn actor Danny Mountain, but unfortunately, they divorced in 2018. For the ultimate viewing experience, check out the sexiest pornstars on!

8. Francesca Le & Mark Wood (Married)

Francesca Le & Mark Wood (Married)

Francesca Le is undeniably alluring from every angle and is a renowned MILF pornstar. She has a talent for achieving the seemingly impossible, such as getting you so aroused that you might believe your erection could take down an elephant! With hundreds of porn appearances and nearly 200 directing credits under her belt, she has established herself as a top performer in the industry. Francesca has been happily married to fellow pornstar Mark Wood since 2001, making them one of the longest-lasting couples in the adult entertainment world. Let’s give them a round of applause for their successful marriage! Don’t miss out on watching the sexiest pornstars on by clicking the link provided.

7. Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrera (Married)

Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrera (Married)

If you value your sanity, Kayden Kross will surely take it away. She has the ability to turn a small stream into a massive fountain that can drench acres of land. With her stunning blonde looks, she could easily be considered a crime in every state. This top pornstar is truly a gift from the gods to humanity. Currently married to Manuel Ferrera, who is not only one of the best male pornstars but also a highly acclaimed director with countless awards under his belt. Don’t miss out on watching the sexiest pornstars on!

6. Jessica Drake & Brad Armstrong (Married)

Jessica Drake & Brad Armstrong (Married)

If you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful woman, Jessica Drake is definitely not one to miss. With her long legs, gorgeous blonde hair, and ample curves, she exudes sex appeal like no other. In fact, she’s so alluring that you might just need to strip down and light a firecracker before heading to Mount Olympus to see her. And we’re not kidding! Jessica is a well-known pornstar, married to the equally talented and well-endowed Brad Armstrong. Together, they have starred in numerous steamy films that are sure to leave you wanting more. Don’t believe us? Check out to see for yourself!

5. Kayla Kayden & Toni Ribas

Kayla Kayden & Toni Ribas

The latest addition to the world of married pornstars is Kayla Kayden and Toni Ribas, who tied the knot in 2020. They have already filmed several scenes together and are both successful and active in the industry. Kayla is a stunning beauty with a curvaceous figure, big breasts, and a beautiful face, while Toni is a well-known male performer who has worked with countless female stars. I am excited to see what this newlywed couple will bring to their fans in the future, as their previous scenes have been nothing short of amazing! Don’t miss out on watching the hottest pornstars on by clicking the link above.

4. Savana Styles & Lexington Steele (Married)

Savana Styles & Lexington Steele (Married)

Discover the true definition of a well-endowed man when you encounter someone like Lexington Steele! This man is large, dark, and always ready to satisfy with his massive member that he humorously refers to as a penis. His colossal cock could easily demolish a building, and he has made a name for himself by relentlessly pounding eager pussies as if his goal is to leave them incapacitated. Lexington is happily married to the gorgeous and voluptuous pornstar, Savana Styles. Luckily, she possesses an insatiable sexual appetite and a tight enough pussy to handle every inch of his impressive package and still crave more! Don’t miss out on the hottest pornstars by visiting!

3. Sophia Knight & Danny D (Married)

Sophia Knight & Dannya D (Married)

The adult film industry has been graced with the presence of Danny D, a talented performer who seems to have been born for this profession. With his impressive endowment and expertise in pleasuring women, it’s no surprise that he is considered one of the top performers in the industry today. He is married to Sophia Knight, a former pornstar known for her beauty and sexual prowess. However, she is no longer active in the industry, so fans may not have the opportunity to see the couple in action on screen. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy the hottest pornstars, including Danny D, on!

2. Kirsten Price & Keiran Lee (Married)

Kirsten Price & Keiran Lee (Married)

Kirsten Price has spent a significant amount of time flaunting her incredible physique and captivating men with it. She boasts a perfectly toned and slim figure, a curvaceous behind that could fit in a ladle, a pair of medium-sized enhanced breasts, and legs that whisper alluring things in your ear. Her husband, Keiran Lee, is a renowned name in the industry and is said to be one of the highest-paid pornstars. With almost 4,000 movies under his belt, he even insured his private parts for a million dollars at one point. Needless to say, he will be extra cautious when engaging in intimate activities with his wife. Don’t miss out on watching the sexiest pornstars on!

1. Joanna Angel & Small Hands (Married)

Joanna Angel & Small Hands (Married)

Meet Joanna Angel, one of the shortest and most heavily tattooed pornstars in the industry. Her petite frame may be deceiving, but don’t let her size fool you – she craves extreme porn and loves to feel a hard and thrusting piece of man meat in all of her holes. She’s not afraid to explore with tongues and digits either. In 2016, she tied the knot with fellow adult entertainer Aaron Thompson, also known as Small Hands. With their insatiable appetites for sex, it’s safe to say they probably break a few beds every week during their steamy bedroom sessions! Want to see more of the sexiest pornstars? Check out for some hot and steamy action.

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