Top 20: Best & Hottest Russian Pornstars Right Now (2021)

I recently came across the hottest Russian pornstars and was amazed by their stunning physical appearance. It’s unclear if this is a common trend throughout the country or just within the adult film industry, but it’s safe to say that these women are blessed with beauty. From their flawless bodies to their perfect breasts and genitals, these Russian girls have it all. What’s even more impressive is that most of them choose to stay natural rather than opting for fake enhancements, which I find incredibly attractive. However, there are also some incredible babes with perfectly done fake breasts.

As someone who has written numerous articles featuring top pornstars from different countries, I couldn’t leave out the Russian beauties.

You may notice that some popular names are missing, such as Marina Visconti, Krystal Boyd, Nikita Von James, and Foxy Di. This is because they are either well-known already or have retired from the industry. I have only included active performers on this list, so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see your favorite retired stars.

Hottest Russian Pornstars of 2021

23. Kaisa Nord

Kaisa Nord

If you enjoy both hardcore and sensual porn, then Kaisa Nord’s videos are a must-watch. This stunning performer entered the industry in 2019 and has since appeared in numerous anal scenes, including double penetration and interracial anal. She also showcases her love for both men and women in lesbian scenes, where she eagerly indulges in licking wet vaginas and sucking on dicks. Don’t miss out on Kaisa Nord’s performances on!

22. Lana Roy

Lana Roy

Lana Roy is a popular and highly sought-after pornstar known for her love of nudity and passion for on-camera sex. She has gained a reputation as one of the most daring and provocative performers in the industry, often flashing her beautiful breasts in public and indulging in hardcore acts with enthusiasm. With her toned body, round and juicy buttocks, and perfectly enhanced breasts, Lana exudes seduction and embodies the ultimate slutty nature that fans can’t get enough of. Her insatiable appetite for intense hardcore sex is evident as she eagerly sucks on cocks before taking them between her legs and into her tight little asshole. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Lana Roy in action on!

21. Lilu Moon

Lilu Moon

In contrast to many other pornstars mentioned on this list, Lilu Moon is not a young newcomer but a more experienced performer. She has been in the industry since 2017 and has already appeared in over a hundred scenes. This stunning beauty enjoys teasing her partners by slowly undressing and revealing her flawless skin, slim figure, small perky breasts, and tight buttocks. While she is undoubtedly physically attractive, what sets her apart as one of the top Russian pornstars is her exceptional sexual skills. She is known for her incredible blowjob abilities and can effortlessly handle dicks of all shapes and sizes with all of her holes. Don’t miss out on watching Lilu Moon’s performances on!

20. Mary Rock

Mary Rock

Having a flexible body gives you an edge in the industry, and Mary Rock is a prime example of that. With her ability to effortlessly perform various sexual positions, it’s no surprise she has made a name for herself. While she may not be new to the industry, her hardcore scenes continue to impress. In my opinion, she is one of the most adorable pornstars out there right now, and I can’t wait to see more of her intense sex scenes in the future.

19. Bunny Colby

Bunny Colby

I have noticed a common preference among Russian pornstars for filming hardcore scenes, and Bunny Colby is no exception. The stunning blonde is considered one of the most attractive pornstars currently in the industry, making it a pleasure to watch her engage in sexual acts on camera. What sets her apart is her genuine enthusiasm for sex, whether she’s taking on a massive cock or pleasuring another woman. Her authenticity shines through in all of her scenes, making them all the more enjoyable to watch.

18. Alecia Fox

Alecia Fox

After browsing through numerous images of beautiful women, I have come to the realization that Russian pornstars are either incredibly cute or extremely attractive; there is no in-between. They possess a unique combination of cuteness and sexiness, depending on the type of video you watch. Alecia Fox falls into the adorable category, with her natural beauty, flawless figure, and perky 32AA-cup breasts. Her performances in adult films are always captivating, thanks to her flexible body that allows her to engage in various sexual positions.

17. Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose

With her debut in the adult film industry dating back to 2008, Sasha Rose has gained a wealth of experience in the art of lovemaking and is well-versed in satisfying her partners. The brunette beauty exudes a sultry aura, enhanced by her full lips, making her even more alluring. Her toned physique, enhanced breasts, and round buttocks make her a sight to behold, and her insatiable desire for sex is evident in her hardcore anal scenes. Despite the intensity of her performances, she manages to infuse sensuality, making her porn scenes incredibly steamy. Don’t miss out on watching Sasha Rose’s captivating performances on!

16. Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson

Upon first glance, this slender beauty may seem shy and innocent, but don’t be fooled – she is actually one of the most sought-after pornstars known for her insatiable desire for a hard cock. Despite her petite frame, she can handle even the biggest of dicks with ease. It’s incredibly arousing to see her tight pussy or asshole get stretched as she takes on a rough fuck. While she certainly enjoys hardcore sex, she also has a soft side and loves sensual lovemaking. This is why you’ll often find plenty of kissing and foreplay in her scenes. Don’t miss out on watching Gina Gerson in action on!

15. Subil Arch

Subil Arch

Subil Arch is a prime example of a confident and empowered woman. Her hedonistic nature drives her to seek pleasure in all aspects of life, including her encounters with others. This mindset has solidified her position as one of the top Russian pornstars, as she not only enjoys sex but also ensures that her partners experience intense orgasms. With her seductive allure and stunning appearance, it’s no wonder that she is irresistible to many. Her flawless figure, complete with large fake breasts, only adds to her undeniable sexuality. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Subil Arch in action on!

14. Kitana Lure

Kitana Lure

After browsing through numerous Russian beauties for this list, one thing is abundantly clear – they have a strong affinity for multiple partners! Kitana Lure is no exception, as she has starred in countless hardcore scenes, many of which involve her indulging in big cocks penetrating her tight asshole. This fiery starlet burst onto the scene in 2014 and wasted no time in diving into intense acts such as anal, double penetration, gangbangs, and more!

13. Crystal Rush

Crystal Rush

Have you ever wondered why many Russian pornstars are young teenagers? Well, here’s a MILF pornstar who breaks that stereotype. Meet Crystal Rush, a mature and experienced performer who loves pleasuring young men and women. Despite having already explored various hardcore sexual activities, she still craves more. That’s why she decided to join the porn industry and quickly gained popularity. Crystal has worked with all kinds of performers and it’s exciting to see her switch between dominating and being dominated in different scenes. Don’t miss out on watching her on!

12. Lucy Heart

Lucy Heart

Lucy Heart is a talented actress who has the perfect combination of a beautiful face and a petite figure, making her ideal for playing younger characters on screen. With her stunning looks and athletic body, she could easily pass as a supermodel. And with her perfect breasts and gorgeous behind, she never has any trouble finding someone to satisfy her sexual desires. Like many other Russian pornstars, she enjoys engaging in hardcore sex, often with multiple partners who leave her completely satisfied. If you want to see Lucy Heart in action, check out her videos on!

11. Anna Polina

Anna Polina

It is widely known that many Russian women are incredibly beautiful, and Anna Polina is a prime example of this. With just one glance at her, it’s clear that she is stunning. But what sets her apart is not only her physical appearance, but also her insatiable sexual nature. She takes pride in being a nymphomaniac and her performances reflect this. Blessed with a gorgeous body, her fake breasts perfectly accentuate her curves. However, it is her talent in the porn industry that has made her a top performer. This gorgeous woman can do wonders when given control of a large penis. Don’t miss out on watching Anna Polina on!

10. Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka

I am a big fan of watching beautiful women engage in both rough and sensual sexual activities, which is why I am drawn to lesbian porn. If you are also looking for a performer who enjoys both men and women, then you should definitely check out Elena Koshka. She has an amazing figure with natural breasts and a tight backside, and she has had the pleasure of working with a variety of performers throughout her successful career. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is also one of the tallest pornstars in the industry right now, making it even more exciting to watch her in action. Whether she is on top in cowgirl position or getting pounded from behind, Elena Koshka knows how to please and satisfy her partners. Don’t miss out on watching her on!

9. Kira Queen

Kira Queen

Kira Queen burst onto the adult film scene in 2012 and quickly became known for her stunning figure, complete with natural curves, large breasts, and a perfect booty. Unlike many other actresses, Kira is a mature performer who exudes seduction and leaves no one able to resist her charms. It’s no wonder that every man dreams of having their member enveloped by her luscious lips or squeezed between her ample bosom. With so many qualities that make her one of the top Russian pornstars, it only takes one video to understand why she has such a devoted fan base. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Kira Queen in action on and become a lifelong admirer of this incredible star!

8. Kayla Green

Kayla Green

Femdom is a highly stimulating and popular genre, as it showcases women taking charge and asserting their dominance. If you enjoy watching a femme fatale who can captivate anyone with her charm and manipulate them to her liking, then Kayla Green’s videos are a must-see. This stunning beauty has a captivating face with defined cheekbones, ample breasts, long legs, and a perfectly round derriere. She exudes confidence and control in every scene, dressed in tight latex attire as she sucks and fucks with authority. And don’t even think about climaxing without her permission, or you’ll face the consequences of disobeying her commands! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch Kayla Green on and experience her dominating prowess for yourself.

7. Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa has quickly become a well-known pornstar since her debut a few years ago. Her performances have gained her popularity and it’s no surprise why. With her stunning looks and incredible body, she is definitely one of the hottest Russian pornstars out there. One of her most alluring scenes is when she gets pounded from behind in the pronebone position. She exudes cuteness with her adorable face, but don’t be fooled, she loves nothing more than a big cock stretching her pussy. If you enjoy watching cute girls engage in hardcore sex, then Jia Lissa is a must-watch for you. Don’t miss out on this fiery redhead as she will surely satisfy your desires. Catch her on now!

6. Candy Alexa

Candy Alexa

If you’re a fan of watching mature women take on massive cocks, then Candy Alexa is definitely a Russian pornstar you won’t want to miss. This voluptuous star has chosen the perfect name for herself, as her gorgeous nipples are just as tempting as your favorite candy. Not only does she have a flawless physique with natural big breasts and a round, juicy booty, but her performances truly set her apart. With her seductive charm and wealth of experience, it’s mesmerizing to see her take on huge cocks by eagerly sliding them into her waiting pussy or tight asshole.

5. Alessandra Jane

Alessandra Jane

Alessandra Jane began her career in the industry as a sweet and innocent girl-next-door, but she quickly evolved into the seductive vixen we know today. This petite starlet always looks flawless in her scenes, even when she’s completely naked. She is well aware of her stunning beauty and the fact that she is desired by men all over the world, and she uses this power to her advantage by captivating and controlling her partners. If you haven’t seen her in action yet, I highly recommend checking out her porn scenes. It’s rare to find someone who can engage in intense and passionate sex while still maintaining a perfect appearance throughout. Don’t miss out on watching Alessandra Jane on!

4. Lena Reif

Lena Reif

Since making the decision to enter the porn industry, Lena Reif, a stunning European woman, has become highly sought after by studios and male performers alike. Her previous experiences with both men and women made her a natural fit for the industry, and her striking features – including deep blue eyes and a beautiful smile – have helped her quickly gain popularity and a large fan base. As one of the hottest Russian pornstars currently, it’s definitely worth checking out her scenes if you haven’t already! Don’t miss out on watching Lena Reif on – click the link now!

3. Casca Akashova

Casca Akashova

If you’re a fan of elegant women who love flaunting their flawless bodies in designer clothes, then Casca Akashova is the perfect adult film star for you! With her mature and seductive aura, it’s impossible for any man to resist her charms. If she sets her sights on you, you’ll be completely captivated and find yourself on your knees, eagerly pleasuring her. Her presence is undeniable and evident in all of her scenes. Just watch Casca as she expertly sucks on big cocks and rides them with perfection, and you’ll understand why she’s considered one of the top Russian pornstars of 2021!

Don’t miss out on watching Casca Akashova on! Click the link now to see her in action.

2. Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie is currently one of the most sought-after teen pornstars in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why. With just one glance at her, you’ll be instantly captivated by her beauty and find yourself consumed by intense desire to watch all of her scenes. Her slim figure perfectly accentuates her gorgeous set of breasts, and her stunning face only adds to her appeal. Watching her give blowjobs is an experience that will stay with you forever. While she has filmed many incredible scenes, it’s worth checking out her amateur content as well for a more realistic and arousing viewing experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Eva Elfie on!

1. Liya Silver

Liya Silver

Liya Silver is undoubtedly deserving of the top spot on the list of best Russian pornstars. Her flawless appearance and natural assets make her stand out among others in the industry. With a heavenly body, beautiful eyes, and a seductive smile, she is truly one of the most stunning pornstars of the moment. What sets her apart even more is her ability to perform confidently and effortlessly in front of the camera. Whether it’s a hardcore scene or an erotic one, she knows how to captivate her audience. Watching her being passionately fucked or sensually pleasured is a treat for the eyes. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Liya Silver in action on!

Who Are Your Favorite Russian Pornstars of 2021?

These are some of the pornstars that I personally believe deserve to be recognized as the hottest in the industry. However, I understand that everyone has their own preferences and opinions, so if you have a different pornstar in mind, please feel free to share it with me.

There is a large number of Russian pornstars currently working in the industry, and there are also many who have retired. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have only included active performers on this list, regardless of their past popularity.

Take a look at the list to discover some of the hottest russian pornstars currently making waves in the industry, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments about them in the section below.

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