Top 20: The Best & Hottest Canadian Pornstars of 2021

Did you know that Canada has a surprisingly large number of pornstars in the adult industry? And one thing is for sure – they are all incredibly attractive! Despite being known for its vast lakes, Canada also boasts a significant presence in the world of escorts and top pornstars, second only to America. While American pornstars may be more common, Canadian pornstars are definitely making their mark and showcasing their country’s talent. All it takes is watching one of their videos to see just how amazing these women are!

Canadian pornstars come in all shapes and sizes. Some exude the confidence of a mother-of-two, while others are stunning beauties that will leave you speechless. In this article, we’ll be featuring a variety of pornstars because each one is not only gorgeous but also skilled in the art of lovemaking. These ladies will make sure you have a good time, so grab your Vaseline and get ready! Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the hottest Canadian pornstars.

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Sexiest Canadian Pornstars of 2021

22. Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

This stunning woman of Indian descent was born in Canada and has been captivating audiences for years! At 39 years old, she is a sex symbol with her long legs, enhanced breasts, beautiful buttocks, and timeless face that never fails to arouse men all over the world. Her moans are like music to the ears, and she is known for her wild and naughty performances. It’s unfortunate that she is no longer active in the industry, and there is limited content available online.

If you want to see more of Sunny Leone, check out her official website,, where you can watch her in action!

21. Alyssa Reece

Alyssa Reece

Let’s give a round of applause for the incredible Alyssa Reece! She truly deserves it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a holiday dedicated to worshipping her. With her stunning looks and flawless figure, Alyssa is undoubtedly one of the top Canadian pornstars. Her perky bubble butt and natural 34B breasts are just some of her many assets that have been showcased in numerous porn videos. This sexy and stylish beauty has also won multiple awards, proving that she truly has it all. Don’t miss out on watching Alyssa Reece on – she’s definitely worth your time and attention!

20. Kylee Strutt

Kylee Strutt

Are you a fan of fiery-haired adult film stars with bodies that could tempt even the most virtuous individuals? Then you definitely need to check out Kylee Strutt! She’s one of the hottest babes on this list, with long, toned legs and a perfectly curvy backside that would make anyone weak in the knees. Kylee is undeniably gorgeous, but her most notable feature has to be her large, surgically enhanced breasts. And let’s just say, any man who dares to enter her “power transformer” of a vagina better be prepared for some serious pleasure and pain. Don’t miss out on watching Kylee Strutt in action on!

19. Vivian Azure

Vivian Azure

Meet Vivian Azure, the epitome of good news on two legs! With her stunningly beautiful face and perfect pair of fake tits, she is a sight to behold. Standing at 57″, Vivian loves to please her partners by going down or getting on all fours and giving up all her holes for their pleasure. Her insatiable appetite for massive cocks is well-known, and her bubble butt is a work of art. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Vivian Azure in action on!

18. Korina Kova

Korina Kova

Have you ever experienced the thrill of winning the lottery? Well, Korina Kova will make you feel like a lucky EuroMillions winner as soon as she spreads her legs! She’ll have your cock throbbing and convulsing so intensely that you’ll feel like you’re riding a wild bucking bronco. And while you wait for her to finish whatever naughty act she’s performing on screen, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. Korina is a curvy and busty beauty with a booty that could rival a factory in size and a pair of massive breasts that could easily be considered mountains. You could get lost in her chest and fall asleep, only to wake up in a completely different era! So why not treat yourself to the ultimate pleasure and watch Korina Kova on Trust us, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget.

17. Heidi Van Horny

Heidi Van Horny

They say a name can say a lot about a person. In the case of Heidi Van Horny, her name perfectly reflects her personality, skills, and talent. She is one of the most heavily tattooed Canadian pornstars and is known for being a busty and enthusiastic performer who is willing to try just about anything. With her insatiable sexual appetite, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were a nympho. Her tight pussy has the power to make even the devil himself confess his sins in tongues. At 29 years old, Heidi is not only beautiful but also has a curvaceous body that will leave you drooling. While she may not have much patience for nonsense, she is always eager to have her holes filled with hard man meat that will push her to her limits. If you want to see Heidi in action, check out her videos on!

16. Veronica Vice

Veronica Vice

Gorgeous blonde beauties have a way of captivating us all. However, beware of Veronica Vice or you may find yourself under her spell forever! Standing at 58 inches tall, Veronica may not seem intimidating, but her oval face and 32D enhanced breasts are more than enough to make you lose control. She’s slender, cute, and loves to show off. Watch her bare it all and get ravished by a skilled lover, and you’ll be singing her praises for eternity!

Don’t miss out on seeing Veronica Vice in action on!

15. Riley Nixon

Riley Nixon

Riley Nixon is a unique and confident individual, known for her short hair and stunning appearance. At 25 years old, she exudes sexiness and charm. Her slim figure and average height are complemented by her all-natural 34DD breasts, which give her a youthful look. Riley is versatile in her performances, engaging in both heterosexual and homosexual scenes. She is highly skilled at what she does, evident by her numerous award nominations. Don’t miss out on watching Riley Nixon’s incredible performances on!

14. Kianna Dior

Kianna Dior

The stunning Kianna Dior proves that age is just a number in this captivating photo. At 51 years old, she still looks as youthful and alluring as any young barmaid. With her daily dose of cum, she seems to have found the secret to eternal youth. Originally from Vancouver, this top Asian star has been in the industry since 1999 and has had more sexual encounters than one could count on a weekend getaway. Her voluptuous fake breasts, perfect booty, experience, and passion make her a dream come true for any man looking for a mind-blowing sexual experience. Don’t miss out on watching Kianna Dior in action on!

13. Roxy Ryder

Roxy Ryder

Meet Roxy Ryder, the ultimate cock riding champion and cutest pornstar you’ll ever see! With her slim figure, blue eyes, and tattoos, she’s a petite and sexy minx that will leave you wanting more. She’s worked with top adult entertainment companies like Nubiles Porn, Team Skeet, and Mofos, but before that, she was a nude model. However, her insatiable desire for pleasure led her to tap into her skills in expertly impaling cocks and make the switch to hardcore porn. Don’t miss out on watching Roxy Ryder on Pornhub Premium – she’s definitely worth it!

12. Savana Styles

Savana Styles

Take a look at the stunning Savana Styles, the ultimate sex symbol! With a name like that, it’s no surprise she’s an expert in every position from the Kamasutra. This blonde bombshell is married to Lexington Steele, and I bet he never gives her a moment of rest. At 37 years old, Savana still looks as gorgeous as ever with her slim figure, enhanced bust, tattoos, and insatiable appetite for both big cocks and dripping wet pussies. She’s a top Canadian pornstar who can make any man’s heart race with just one glance. Don’t miss out on watching Savana Styles in action on!

11. Evi Rei

Evi Rei

Evi Rei is undeniably one of the most stunning Canadian adult film actresses, known for her generous display of her voluptuous figure. Her beauty is unmatched, and she exudes confidence and charm. With her smooth, ebony skin, she could easily be mistaken for taking a dip in chocolate. She is truly one of the most captivating ebony stars to grace the screen. Her infectious smile can light up a room, while her toned body is fit for royalty. Standing at 54 inches tall, she boasts a slim figure and natural 34D breasts with large areolas. These breasts defy gravity, pointing in opposite directions, and seem to be filled with the most delicious chocolate nectar imaginable.

Experience Evi Rei’s talents on!.

10. Sky Pierce

Sky Pierce

Here is a stunning blonde that will surely capture your attention! Sky, originally from British Columbia, has the perfect supermodel figure – slim, sexy, and irresistibly petite. Her blonde hair and piercing blue eyes are enough to make any man’s heart race and his cock stand at attention. With her oval-shaped face, tight and perky body, and bisexuality, she is sure to bring new excitement to your sex life. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Sky Pierce on Pornhub Premium and experience the ultimate pleasure!

9. Shay Sights

Shay Sights

Shay is a stunning woman who can make any man’s heart skip a beat. With her alluring looks and seductive smile, she has the power to make even the most reserved individuals weak in the knees. At 47 years old, she may be considered a MILF, but don’t let her age fool you – she’s still got it. Standing tall with a slim figure and impressive 36E breasts (which may or may not be enhanced), Shay is a force to be reckoned with.

But what truly sets Shay apart from other adult performers is her insatiable appetite for pleasure. She’s not afraid to push boundaries and explore new things, making her one of the most open-minded and adventurous performers in the industry. Whether it’s with men or women, Shay knows how to please and leave her partners begging for more.

If you’re lucky enough to catch Shay in action on, you’ll see just how skilled she is at her craft. Her ability to bring both herself and her co-stars to climax is unmatched, and she does it all with a devilish grin that hints at her mischievous nature. So if you’re ready for an unforgettable experience, don’t miss out on watching Shay Sights in action. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

8. Cameron Canada

Cameron Canada

Cameron Canada is a stunningly beautiful woman with piercing blue eyes, blonde hair, and a sweet face. She will surely make you want to pack your bags and visit Canada to discover the hidden treasures that its women possess. Born in 1989, Cameron has a few tattoos and piercings that add to her charm. Her beauty is so captivating that I wouldn’t be surprised if her perfectly shaped behind is worshipped as a deity on some distant planet in our solar system. With natural 34B breasts that have never lost their perkiness, Cameron is definitely one of the top Canadian pornstars. If you’re a fan of extreme porn, then you’ll love watching her in action. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Cameron Canada on!

7. Sophie Sparks

Sophie Sparks

When Sophie Sparks appears on the screen, sparks definitely fly! At just 21 years old, she is one of the youngest girls to be featured on this list. Not only is she young, but she is also incredibly cute with her blonde hair and sweet face that could easily be turned into candy. Her petite figure, including her apple-sized breasts, long legs, and tiny bottom, make her irresistible to any man lucky enough to seduce her. Currently, Sophie is focused on softcore and lesbian scenes, but who knows what the future holds for this rising star. For now, we can enjoy watching her expertly pleasure herself like a master pianist. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Sophie Sparks in action on!

6. Makayla Cox

Makayla Cox

How many different ways can Makayla Cox’s name be spelled? It seems like every time she wakes up and gets in front of the camera, her name has a new variation! But that’s understandable because she is one of the most popular Canadian pornstars who has been satisfying viewers since 2004. Despite being almost 40 years old, Makayla still has a youthful and alluring appearance that can make anyone climax with just a wink. And let’s not forget her toned and fit body that is perfectly shaped in all the right places. While her breasts may be enhanced, Makayla never shies away from pushing boundaries and has welcomed numerous male performers to explore every part of her body. Don’t miss out on watching Makayla Cox on – she’s definitely worth it!

5. Jenna Foxx

Jenna Foxx

Check out this stunning photo of top ebony pornstar, Jenna Foxx! She’s known for her amazing curves and you can see why in this picture. At just 24 years old and standing at 5’6″, Jenna is a bisexual beauty who is so friendly and welcoming that you’ll want her to take care of your every need. And let’s not forget about her natural assets – from her 34D breasts to her gorgeous booty, everything on this girl is all-natural. Her backside is especially juicy and well-developed, making it hard to resist watching her bend over and show off her moves.

If you’re looking for some steamy content, be sure to check out Jenna Foxx on! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Emma Hix

Emma Hix

Be careful not to fall under the spell of Emma Hix, or you’ll be entranced by her seductive moves forever! This Canadian beauty is one of the top pornstars in the industry and even on her worst days, she can turn a saint into a sinful creature in no time. With her petite figure, slim physique, and irresistible tiny booty, Emma is a force to be reckoned with. She’s also adorned with tattoos and boasts a perky pair of natural 34B breasts. As a bisexual performer, she knows exactly how to please both men and women. And let’s not forget about her love for receiving attention from well-endowed partners.

If you want to witness Emma Hix in action, head over to where she will surely leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out on this talented and alluring star!

3. Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz, a renowned adult film star, has made significant contributions to the world of erotic entertainment. It’s about time that she is honored with a planet named after her! With her expertise in pleasing others, this blonde bombshell can make you purr like a well-oiled machine. While she identifies as bisexual, she can give mind-blowing oral pleasure to anyone lucky enough to experience it. Nikki’s toned body and enhanced breasts are irresistible, and she knows how to use them to drive someone wild. If you let her ride your cock, be prepared for an unforgettable experience! Don’t miss out on watching Nikki Benz in action on!

2. Capri Cavanni

Capri Cavanni

It’s hard to put into words just how incredible Capri Cavanni is. Also known as Capri Cavalli and Angel Rose, this 37-year-old is undoubtedly one of the most stunning adult film stars to grace our planet. Not only that, but she has a way of captivating your mind as well. With piercing blue eyes and a seductive aura, Capri knows exactly how to drive men wild. She’s not afraid to push boundaries and her petite, tattooed and pierced body is proof of that. And let’s not forget about her amazing backside – it’s truly a blessing. While her breasts may be enhanced, there’s nothing fake about the amount of pleasure she can elicit from those lucky enough to experience her talents. Don’t believe me? Just check her out on!

1. Marley Brinx

Marley Brinx

I must point out that any list of the top Canadian pornstars that does not include Marley Brinx is simply incomplete! Marley brings a whole new level of beauty and talent to the industry, making her a highly sought-after performer. Her work is incredibly diverse and always leaves viewers feeling satisfied. With her slim figure, stunning breasts, and tight backside, it’s no wonder people can’t get enough of her in their fantasies. Marley is known for her hardcore performances and is not afraid to take on a challenge, whether it’s a massive toy or two partners at once. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Marley Brinx in action on!

Who Are Your Favorite Canadian Pornstars of 2021?

I’m sure you were surprised to see some Canadian names on the list. I made an exception for this topic and included these starlets because they truly deserve to be recognized. Not only are they stunning, but they are also incredibly skilled at pleasuring and satisfying their partners.

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