Top 25: Best Anal Loving Pornstars of 2023

We have compiled a list of the most popular anal pornstars who are known for their love of hardcore butt action. If you enjoy watching rough anal sex, then this article is perfect for you. We have included the names of these talented performers and where you can find their best anal videos.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sexual fantasies and porn, and if you’re into watching girls getting pounded in the ass, then you’ll definitely want to check out our list of the top anal-loving pornstars of the year! These seductive pornstars not only have a lot of experience in anal scenes, but they also seem to genuinely enjoy it. However, we have only included active pornstars from the past few months, so you may not see some of your favorites who have retired or taken a break from the industry.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the hottest anal loving pornstars of the year who have starred in some of the best scenes! And don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments section for future lists.

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Hottest Anal Pornstars of 2023

27. Keira Croft

Keira Croft

One of the top pornstars on my list is Keira Croft. She may not have been in the industry for long, since her debut in 2018, but she has already made a name for herself. Her first scene was a hardcore anal one, followed by an interracial gangbang where she even did double penetration. Since then, she has been featured in numerous anal and interracial scenes, making it her specialty. She loves having her butt stretched and enjoys multiple partners, often doing DP scenes or using a big dildo when shooting with just one partner. If you haven’t heard of her yet, I highly recommend checking out her intense, hardcore, and dirty scenes. You can find her on, where she is a popular performer. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous pornstar!

26. Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert is a stunning and talented brunette in the adult entertainment industry. Since her debut in 2012, she has become one of the top performers, working with all the major studios and delivering hit performances. She has a natural beauty that sets her apart from other mature girls in the business. Her repertoire includes a variety of genres such as anal, bondage, lesbian, interracial, and fisting scenes. With her slender figure, natural breasts, and amazing bubble butt, Casey has become known as one of the best anal starlets in the industry. She is able to handle even the biggest of dicks with ease and enjoys pushing her limits in hardcore double-penetration scenes. Don’t miss out on watching Casey Calvert’s incredible performances on!

25. Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville

Anna De Ville is widely recognized as one of the kinkiest pornstars in the industry, and for good reason. She has gained a reputation for her daring and intense performances, particularly when it comes to anal scenes. Right from the start of her career, she has been known for her love of buttsex and has continued to push boundaries with each new scene. While she has also done regular porn and lesbian scenes, her anal performances are what truly set her apart. She has an impressive portfolio of hundreds of anal scenes, ranging from interracial and double-penetration to gangbangs, group sex, threesomes, and even anal fisting. Unlike some performers who may approach anal scenes with caution, Anna fully embraces her wild side and enjoys taking on bigger and more intense challenges. If you’re looking for hardcore and explicit content, Anna De Ville’s performances on are not to be missed.

24. Arya Fae

Arya Fae

There are many attractive adult film stars in the industry, but Arya Fae stands out as one of the most beautiful. Despite her innocent appearance, she is actually quite wild and loves to explore her sexuality on camera. Her extensive filmography is filled with intense and hardcore scenes, as she has no interest in doing softcore porn. Even her lesbian scenes are full of passion and intensity. With a tight and toned body, small breasts, and tasteful tattoos, Arya Fae is a sight to behold. She excels at playing the submissive role, whether it’s with well-endowed men or experienced MILFs. If you want to see her in action, be sure to add her to your list of must-watch performers. And for even more of Arya Fae, check out her work on!

23. Kissa Sins

Kissa Sins

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a one-night stand with one of the most popular male pornstars in the industry and ended up falling in love with him? Well, for Kissa Sins, she embraced her wild and sexual nature and eventually found her way into the porn industry. As the real-life partner of Johnny Sins, Kissa initially only did scenes with him but has now expanded to working with other male performers as well. Her videos have improved greatly and she is known for her curvy figure, including one of the biggest asses in the industry. Recently, she also got new breasts that look stunning. Her anal scenes are particularly hot and if you haven’t watched them yet, you’re definitely missing out! Check out Kissa Sins on for some steamy content.

22. Kendra Spade

Kendra Spade

Kendra Spade made her entrance into the porn industry in 2017 and quickly rose to become one of the most sought-after newcomers. She initially started with amateur porn, which gained a lot of popularity and helped launch her mainstream career as a pornstar. With an impressive portfolio of anal scenes, including anal creampie, ass-to-mouth, interracial anal, and more, this Asian beauty has become a top choice for directors looking for hardcore content. Despite her petite frame, she has natural perky breasts and a tight backside, making her the perfect candidate for rough and dominating performances in porn videos. You can catch Kendra Spade on, where she continues to showcase her talents and captivate audiences.

21. Riley Reid

Riley Reid

Riley Reid is a well-established name in the adult entertainment industry and currently has one of the most sought-after premium pornstar Snapchat accounts. Despite facing tough competition, she has managed to maintain her popularity over the years. Even with the influx of new talent, Riley remains a top choice for porn studios and directors due to her unwavering passion for sex. Her performances are always full of energy and she never fails to satisfy her audience. With experience, she has only gotten better at her craft and her enthusiasm for deepthroating and other sexual acts remains as strong as ever. She has also explored various genres of porn, making her a versatile performer. It’s no surprise that she has been featured in numerous lists, including this one featuring the hottest anal-loving pornstars! Don’t miss out on watching Riley Reid on, where you can see her in action and experience her undeniable talent firsthand.

20. Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina

There are many reasons why people enjoy watching anal scenes, and one of them is the presence of a petite or young performer who can be dominated by their male co-star and engage in rough sex. Gina Valentina is a popular choice for this type of role, as she is one of the hottest Latina pornstars in the industry right now. Despite her young age, she has gained a lot of experience from performing with both men and women. She is equally skilled in lesbian scenes and anal scenes, and her small frame and round butt make her look incredibly sexy while being pounded by a big cock. Additionally, she is known for her impressive blowjob skills and ability to deepthroat, and her love for being dominated and roughed up only adds to her appeal. Make sure to check out Gina Valentina’s performances on for some steamy action!

19. Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks

If you have been exposed to the adult entertainment industry for most of your life and have even dated a few pornstars, then becoming a pornstar may be the perfect career choice for you! This was the case for Sarah Banks, who made the decision to enter the adult world instead of pursuing a traditional job. Her voluptuous figure, including her enhanced breasts with nipple piercings and her famous booty, has earned her the title of Ebony Anal Queen due to her impressive anal performances. If you haven’t watched her videos yet, I highly recommend it as she is quickly rising in popularity within the industry. You can catch her on, where she is sure to captivate audiences with her magical ability to take on large penises effortlessly. Don’t miss out on this rising star in the adult industry!

18. Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade

Finding the perfect pornstar is not an easy task as everyone has their own preferences and opinions. However, one name that stands out among the rest is Katrina Jade. With her stunning natural body, including big breasts and a round, tight butt, she embodies everything we imagine in a perfect pornstar. But it’s not just her physical appearance that makes her stand out, it’s also her wild and slutty personality that makes her a beloved sex symbol. She doesn’t just perform for the job, but because she genuinely loves it and enjoys being watched while getting fucked hard. Throughout her successful career, she has explored various genres of porn, including recently delving into anal scenes. And while she may enjoy being dominated and roughed up, she can also take control and become the dominant one if her partner isn’t as aggressive as she desires. So if you want to see Katrina Jade in action, head over to and witness her incredible performances for yourself!

17. Marley Brinx

Marley Brinx

If you’ve been a regular visitor to this website, then you probably already know that I have a strong appreciation for women who embrace their natural beauty. Marley Brinx is a perfect example of this. This stunning Canadian pornstar made her debut in the industry back in 2015 and quickly gained attention for her anal scenes. With her petite figure, cute breasts, alluring face, and amazing backside, she truly has it all. While she has also performed in vaginal and lesbian scenes, her anal scenes are where she truly shines. She’s not afraid to push boundaries and has even done double-penetration and interracial scenes. If you want to see Marley at her best, I highly recommend checking out her work on Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

16. Emily Willis

Emily Willis

The adult entertainment industry has seen a rise in talented young performers in recent years, and one of the most notable is Emily Willis. With her explosive debut, she quickly became a sought-after star, appearing in numerous scenes for various studios alongside some of the best talents in the business. Her slim figure and background in ballet give her incredible flexibility, allowing her to be featured in a variety of positions while keeping her tight backside in the spotlight. Additionally, her submissive nature allows her to fully embrace being dominated and passionately ravished on camera. If you’re a fan of all-natural, adorable girls getting down and dirty, then you won’t want to miss out on watching Emily Willis in action! Check out her videos on and see for yourself why she’s become one of the most active and popular pornstars in the industry.

15. Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate

I’m sure you’re familiar with the stunning Anissa Kate, but if not, you’re missing out! This French adult film star has been in the industry for quite some time and has gained a devoted following who can’t get enough of her videos. She’s known worldwide for her incredible anal performances and continues to deliver them even today. With her curvaceous figure, natural breasts, alluring face, and luscious backside, she has everything a person could want in a partner. It’s no wonder she remains so popular in the porn industry, with fans eagerly anticipating her next hardcore anal scene!

If you want to see more of Anissa Kate’s amazing performances, be sure to check her out on!

14. Luna Star

Luna Star

Luna Star is a remarkable pornstar who was born to be in the adult entertainment industry. Without her, the world of porn would not be the same. This stunning Latina beauty has captivated audiences with her incredible performances and she is determined to become the best pornstar ever. Her dedication to her craft means that there is always something new and exciting to look forward to from her. Whether she is deepthroating a massive cock or pleasuring a wet pussy, Luna gives it her all and never disappoints. Her voluptuous figure, perfect breasts, and luscious ass make her a sight to behold, especially when she’s taking a huge dick in her tight asshole and her booty is bouncing up and down. If you’re a fan of watching gorgeous Latinas with big booties, then Luna Star is a must-see. She is undoubtedly one of the top anal pornstars of this year. Don’t miss out on her incredible performances on!

13. AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate

When it comes to pornstars who are known for their love of anal sex, AJ Applegate is definitely one that cannot be overlooked. She is not only stunningly beautiful, but also incredibly active in the industry. What sets her apart is her petite figure with small natural breasts, but a huge and curvy ass. She knows exactly what her fans want to see and she delivers by frequently performing in anal scenes. While she does some lesbian and vaginal penetration scenes, her true talent lies in anal scenes. It’s a sight to behold when her tight asshole gapes after a rough pounding. After years of experience, she now only performs with the biggest dicks in the industry or does double-penetration scenes because anything less wouldn’t satisfy her carnal desires. Don’t miss out on watching AJ Applegate on!

12. Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

If you’re a fan of tattooed pornstars, then you probably already know all about the stunning Joanna Angel. She’s been in the industry for quite some time and even has her own porn site,, where you can find plenty of inked babes getting down and dirty. With over a decade of experience, she’s still going strong and is known for making her debut with a hardcore anal scene – something that sets her apart from other pornstars. In fact, if you take a look at her extensive video collection, you’ll see that she loves nothing more than a rough pounding from behind. But that’s not all – she also dabbles in lesbian scenes, which are definitely worth checking out as well! So why not head over to and watch Joanna Angel in action? Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

11. Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson is a multi-faceted individual who enjoys indulging in various activities such as shopping and going on exciting adventures. However, what sets her apart from others is her unapologetic love for being sexually adventurous. Despite being shy in her childhood, she has fully embraced her sexuality and can be seen moving from one porn set to another in search of the perfect partner to satisfy her desires. This blonde bombshell exudes positivity and oozes sexual energy, evident in all her scenes where she eagerly enjoys every rough pounding she receives, regardless of the size or position. She is also known for her love of anal sex and is proud to be a squirter, capable of ejaculating through both clitoral stimulation and intense anal penetration. Don’t miss out on watching Tiffany Watson’s electrifying performances on!

10. Lily Lane

Lily Lane

The stunning tattooed beauty started her career in the adult film industry in 2012 and has only become more alluring over time. Not only has her appearance improved, but her sexual skills have as well. She is able to handle rough encounters, including anal scenes, double penetration, and even gangbangs. Her body is not quite curvy, but not petite either – it falls perfectly in between. However, her voluptuous fake breasts are what truly sets her apart and adds to her irresistible charm. Lily Lane has been in the industry for many years and her work includes both lesbian and anal performances. I highly recommend checking out both, as she is completely dominated in her anal scenes while taking on a dominant role with younger girls in her lesbian scenes.

Don’t miss Lily Lane on!.

9. Gia Derza

Gia Derza

Gia Derza started her career in the adult film industry with a lesbian scene, but quickly moved on to more hardcore performances, including numerous anal scenes. Her voluptuous figure and curvy booty make her a top choice for fans looking for intense and wild sexual encounters. While she has also done lesbian scenes, it’s clear that Gia’s true passion lies in getting fucked by big dicks and exploring her sexuality with both men and women. Her anal scenes are particularly popular, as she loves being dominated by her male partners and showing off her bouncing backside. But even during these intense moments, Gia still craves pleasure in her pussy and often incorporates a large dildo into her performances. So if you’re looking for a girl who can handle both erotic and hardcore porn, Gia Derza is definitely one to watch! Check her out on for some unforgettable scenes.

8. Kira Noir

Kira Noir

Since her debut in 2015, Kira Noir has been known for her diverse range of performances in the porn industry. She refuses to be limited to one genre and instead enjoys exploring all kinds of kinky activities. With her stunning looks, petite body, natural breasts, and tight, round buttocks, she has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. This ebony beauty is highly sought after for her intense hardcore scenes, although she has also starred in several lesbian scenes. However, her preference lies in taking on big dicks in her ass, making her one of the best anal pornstars in the industry. What sets her apart is her ability to handle even the biggest of cocks without hesitation. But that’s not all, as Kira has also proven her skills in double-penetration and gangbang scenes, showing her love for being filled with throbbing members in all her holes. You can catch all of her hardcore anal scenes on, where she has a dedicated profile. Don’t miss out on watching Kira Noir in action!

7. Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik

If you enjoy watching intense and kinky porn, then you have to check out Adriana Chechik! She is known for her wild and hardcore scenes, where she takes things to the extreme. From deepthroat blowjobs to rough pounding that leaves you wondering if she’s in pain or pleasure, she never fails to deliver. Her petite frame, natural breasts, and tight ass make her the perfect pornstar. She has an insatiable sexual appetite and is always willing to explore new things on camera. Whether it’s anal, lesbian, interracial, gangbang, double anal, or even performing with transexual pornstars, she does it all with enthusiasm. So if you want to see some mind-blowing anal action, be sure to watch Adriana Chechik on!

6. Amirah Adara

Amirah Adara

There may not be many Hungarian pornstars in the industry, but the few that are active are known for their exceptional performances that never fail to satisfy their fans. One such star is Amirah Adara, who is considered to be one of the most hardcore performers in the business. She is known for her preference for anal scenes and has done a variety of them, including anal creampies, double penetration, interracial anal, and anal DP. When she’s not taking on big dicks in her tight asshole, she can be seen engaging in steamy lesbian scenes with other pornstars. If you’re a fan of petite girls taking on big dicks in their tight butts, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on Amirah Adara’s scenes! Check her out on and see for yourself why she’s a fan favorite.

5. Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse

When it comes to the top anal-loving pornstars in the business, Mandy Muse is definitely one to watch. This stunning beauty has never been afraid to explore her backdoor and take on the biggest of dicks, making her a popular choice for scenes featuring anal. And let’s not forget about her incredible round ass that bounces and jiggles with every spank, adding to the excitement of her performances. As a former cheerleader, Mandy has worked hard to maintain her flexibility, allowing her to perform in a variety of sex positions. And with her preference for rough and intense pounding, she has become one of the hottest stars in the industry today.

If you want to see Mandy Muse in action, be sure to check out! With her irresistible curves and insatiable appetite for anal, she is sure to leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out on this bombshell’s steamy performances.

4. Blanche Bradburry

Blanche Bradburry

When a woman describes herself as a nympho, there’s not much you can do but trust her words. However, when someone as stunning as Blanche Bradburry makes the same claim, there is one thing you can do besides taking her word for it – watch all of her best scenes where she proves her statement to be true! This beautiful porn star from the Czech Republic started out as a webcam girl, but soon realized that wasn’t enough to satisfy her desires. She then entered the porn industry and hasn’t looked back since. With regular scenes and a love for getting all her holes pounded, she has become quite popular. In a sea of petite performers, she stands out with her athletic and Amazonian figure. And when you combine her physical appearance with her insatiable cravings, you get some pretty amazing scenes. While she enjoys having sex with performers of all ages, I highly recommend watching her with more experienced men who know how to fulfill her wild desires and give her the rough and dominating fuck she craves!

Check out Blanche Bradburry on!.

3. Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde

This talented adult film star, Jane Wilde, entered the industry in 2017 at the age of 18. She started with amateur scenes but quickly made her way into professional porn in 2018 and has been thriving ever since. Her impressive rise to fame is why she ranks high on this list of anal-loving pornstars. In a short amount of time, she has established herself as a hardcore performer. Right from the start, Jane did her first anal scene and became a top choice for directors seeking a fresh-faced, petite actress who enjoys intense sex scenes. Her love for being dominated and rough play only adds to her appeal. With an extensive filmography, you can find a variety of anal scenes featuring this petite spinner, including double-penetration, interracial, fisting, and threesomes. Don’t miss out on watching Jane Wilde’s performances on!

2. Angela White

Angela White

Angela White is undeniably one of the most popular and prolific pornstars in the industry, making it impossible not to include her on any list. She has been featured in numerous articles on this blog and will continue to be a top performer in future articles. With a diverse range of performances, from intense anal scenes to sensual lesbian encounters, Angela constantly pushes her boundaries and explores new and kinky experiences. Not to mention, she is absolutely stunning with a gorgeous face, curvaceous figure, and a pair of large breasts and a round booty that are hard to resist. What sets her apart is her undeniable passion for sex, evident in every scene she does. Whether she’s deepthroating a big cock or getting pounded in all her holes, her satisfaction and joy are always visible. It’s no surprise that she is not only one of the best pornstars but also one of the top anal performers of the year! So, if you want to see Angela in action, check out, where she never fails to deliver an exciting and satisfying performance.

1. Abella Danger

Abella Danger

Abella Danger is a name that cannot be left out when talking about the hottest anal pornstars. She has been featured in some of the most amazing scenes in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. With her stunning looks, petite body, and incredible curves, she is the complete package. Not to mention, she has one of the biggest and most desirable asses in the industry. But it’s not just her physical attributes that make her stand out, it’s also her insatiable sexual appetite that has helped her reach the top. Abella is not afraid to take on huge dicks, whether it’s deepthroating them or taking them deep inside her tight asshole. In fact, the more dicks there are, the better her performances become. It’s clear that this young and famous pornstar loves having her tight asshole stretched. Don’t miss out on watching Abella Danger on!

Who Are Your Favorite Anal Pornstars of 2023?

These were some of the hottest anal loving pornstars this year! It’s possible that I may have overlooked some amazing anal performers, but it would be impossible to include every single one on this list. Therefore, I focused on those who have consistently and recently performed in anal scenes, resulting in the above compilation.

However, if you believe that your favorite anal pornstars were not mentioned or if you think that some names on the list could be substituted, please share your thoughts in the comments section below! We value your input.

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