Top 20: The Sexiest Pornhub Couples of 2021

Pornhub is a popular pornographic website that has gained its reputation as one of the largest in the world. It offers a platform for people to not only watch porn but also upload their own videos for others to enjoy. This has led to the rise of numerous Pornhub couples who share their sexual experiences, roleplays, and fantasies through homemade videos. These amateur videos can often be found in the trending section of the website, indicating their popularity among viewers.

You may have come across many of these amateur pornstars on the homepage and watched their videos. These couples have built a strong following by consistently uploading high-quality content and delivering the best sex scenes for their fans. If you’re not familiar with the top Pornhub couples, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. After watching countless videos, I have compiled a list of the sexiest pornhub couples with the most enticing content. So take a look at the entire article, show your gratitude, and head over to Pornhub!

Best Pornhub Couples of 2021

23. Hansel Grettel

Hansel Grettel

This attractive blonde is incredibly fit, with a perfectly toned body that includes a perky butt that would make anyone envious. She also has long legs, a beautiful face, and breasts that defy gravity. Her partner is equally impressive, with muscles that could rival an adult gorilla and a tattooed body. Not to mention, he has a straight and strong penis that can satisfy any woman from morning until night. Together, they are known as Hansel Grettel and are one of the most popular couples on Pornhub. Their content is undeniably sexy and worth checking out!

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22. ArrestMe


If you have the means and connections, it may be worth considering taking legal action against ArrestMe for their highly addictive content that will leave you unable to resist climaxing and turning your member into a cum-spewing machine! Their actions are certainly serious offenses. This popular Pornhub couple may not reveal their identities in their videos, but they definitely enjoy exploring both anal and vaginal pleasure. The woman has a figure like a supermodel, while the man boasts an impressive and powerful penis. If his massive member comes anywhere near your backside, you’ll be begging for someone to arrest him for potentially causing damage to your internal organs!

21. Miss Impulse

Miss Impulse

Let’s give a warm welcome to the chairwoman of the esteemed association for beautiful bubble butts! We are thrilled to introduce Miss Impulse, who has one of the most alluring backsides on the market. Along with her medium-sized breasts and toned body, she also has a perfectly clean and irresistible pussy. Although she and her partner prefer to keep their faces hidden, it’s clear that they have no problem showing off all the important assets. Don’t miss out on watching the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium by clicking the link below!

20. SparksGoWild


SparksGoWild is a popular couple on Pornhub who never fail to bring the heat whenever they’re feeling frisky. Their sexual chemistry is undeniable and they know exactly how to pleasure each other like their bodies are in need of an upgrade! They’re one of the top couples on the platform and their dynamic is simply electric. Shane, the guy, is known for his skills as a pussy eater, expert at robbing cunts, and a fearless exhibitionist. Stacy, the girl, is a stunning beauty with long legs and orange boobs. She’s at her best when she has a dick in her mouth or deep inside her, able to accurately gauge the size of her left ovary.

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19. Amadani


Discover the wild side of Swedish sex with Amadani! This fiery redhead is part of a dynamic duo that will leave you breathless. Her natural curves, including her full breasts and plump backside, are on full display as she and her partner engage in passionate lovemaking. Despite being an average guy, her partner can’t believe his luck and gives it his all to please her. Don’t miss out on this steamy performance and check out more hot couples on Pornhub Premium!

18. Shinaryen


If you’re searching for a stunning redhead, then Shinaryen is the one you need to see. Although she’s in a couple, her partner is not the main focus because once you lay eyes on this gorgeous babe, you won’t be able to look away. In all of their videos, Shinaryen is the star, but her muscular and well-endowed partner adds to the excitement. She has long legs and a captivating beauty, with a pair of mesmerizing breasts that will leave you speechless. Her moans will leave your mind in a frenzy, and her moves during intercourse will make you feel like your brain is being scrambled. Don’t miss out on watching the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium by clicking the link provided!

17. Lana Swallows

Lana Swallows

According to popular opinion, Lana Swallows is known as the “deepthroat queen” and her name reflects her talent for taking a dick all the way down her throat. With her curvy figure and youthful appearance, she has the perfect body for giving blowjobs. While she may not show her face or her partner’s in her videos, she effortlessly makes sucking and licking look effortless and enjoyable. Don’t miss out on watching her and prepare to be amazed by how she makes blowjobs look so enticing in every video! Check out the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium now by clicking the link provided.

16. TheMigurtt


TheMigurtt may sound like a silly name for a duo, but don’t let that fool you. These two are all about getting down and dirty in the bedroom. Lina and Di make up TheMigurtt and they have a passion for sex that is unmatched. Lina, a stunning brunette with long legs, is a well-known pornstar who wears 36B bras. On the other hand, Di may seem like your average guy, but he’s anything but ordinary when it comes to satisfying his partner. Both of them are covered in tattoos and have a sexual appetite that rivals that of rabbits promised a box of carrots and apples. It’s no wonder they were voted one of the best Pornhub couples of the year! Don’t miss out on watching these two in action by checking out their videos on Pornhub Premium. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

15. EvexAdam


This photo of EvexAdam shows off their incredible legs, which seem to go on forever. Eve, who is 23 years old, has a unique style with tattoos and piercings, and a curvy backside that could easily be mistaken for a birthday cake. Her partner also has some impressive assets, including a large “pipe” that he uses to pleasure Eve in various ways. Together, they make quite the dynamic duo and are not afraid to explore their sexuality. If you’re looking for some steamy content, check out the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium at the link provided!

14. SecretCrush


SecretCrush is a popular Australian couple known for their steamy videos. The focus is on the girl, who is undeniably attractive and has a wild side. Her partner, a bearded man, is always up for some extreme fun. They often engage in public sex, as the girl gets turned on by the idea of strangers watching them. Their videos are uploaded for their fans to enjoy. If you’re looking for some hot couples action, check out SecretCrush and other top performers on Pornhub Premium!

13. MySweetApple


Curious about what this popular Pornhub couple does in their free time? Well, they love to travel, indulge in delicious food, and have passionate sex like newlyweds who have never been intimate before. And of course, they capture all of their adventures on camera for us to admire and get off to! This couple consists of a stunning and slender woman with a sweet face, who knows how to make a cock explode like a dairy farm in her pussy. Her partner is a muscular and well-endowed man with a pulsating and thick member that could probably support his weight while doing handstands. They also often invite their friends to join them in their videos for some steamy threesome action!

12. NoFaceGirl


It’s nearly impossible to convince NoFaceGirl to reveal her identity or that of her partner on camera – it would be easier to kiss a king cobra! Despite their desire for privacy, this couple is incredibly skilled in the bedroom and their XXX scenes are worthy of numerous industry awards. With toned bodies and the girl’s perky medium-sized breasts and round backside, they are a sight to behold. Don’t let their amateur status fool you, they have plenty to teach even the most experienced performers.

11. KinkyCouple111


This couple has a wide range of kinks that will exceed even your wildest fantasies, making them one of the most popular couples on Pornhub. They enjoy having an audience and always put on an incredible show. Both hailing from the UK, the woman is stunning with long legs and an impressive chest, while her partner may seem average but he knows how to please like a raging jackhammer. Their videos feature BDSM, squirting, dirty talk, exhibitionism, and more, ensuring an exciting viewing experience. Don’t miss out on watching the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium by clicking the link below!

10. LacyLuxxx


LacyLuxxx is known for her incredible bubble butt, which is definitely worth mentioning with a capital B. Its perfect shape is enough to make anyone crave a masterfully crafted cocktail. Lacey herself is stunning, with a slim and petite figure that is tighter than the nuts on a car wheel. Her medium-sized breasts are always perky and never seem to fall, no matter what she’s doing. And when it comes to her wet and willing vagina, she can handle even the most intense poundings from her muscular partner. Together, they create a steamy and passionate scene that will leave you wanting more. If you want to learn the art of intense fucking, these two are definitely worth watching. So why not check out the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium today? Trust us, you won’t regret it.

9. Hot Mommy

Hot Mommy

For a mother, Hot Mommy is incredibly attractive and seductive, making us question our own morality. This woman is curvaceous, with a large figure, ample bosom, and a preference for well-endowed men who can make her scream in pleasure. Despite her average height, she stands out in terms of her sexual desires and abilities, easily overshadowing her partners, even those with impressive physical attributes. If you want to witness the hottest couples in action, check out Pornhub Premium now on The Little Slush website!

8. WettMelons


Introducing WettMelons, a performer with an impressive 52″ height. While she may be on the shorter side compared to others on this list, her assets are anything but small. With a pair of the largest breasts we’ve ever seen, just the thought of getting a taste of their juice is enough to excite us. This blonde bombshell is not only well-built, but curvier than anyone could imagine. She chooses not to show her face, but her flexibility and eagerness to spread her legs will leave you in awe. Her partner is no stranger to ink and has a well-endowed member that would make even a nun blush at the thought of giving it a lick. Don’t miss out on watching the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium by clicking the link below!

7. Mia Bandini

Mia Bandini

We are offering a reward of $100 to anyone who can find even an ounce of fat on the incredibly fit Mia Baldini. And if you can provide recorded proof of her getting tired from all the sexual activities she engages in, we’ll give you a whopping $1000! Mia Bandini is not only toned and athletic, but she also has a strong passion for sex that rivals your love for your right hand. With her long legs and beautiful features, she has firm breasts the size of ripe oranges and never-ending holes that can handle even the biggest of dicks. We almost feel sorry for her partner, who has the daunting task of satisfying this insatiable nympho. But let’s be real, he’s living the dream as he gets to have sex with this gorgeous firecracker all the time! If you want to see more hot couples like Mia, check out Pornhub Premium now!

6. Sweet Bunny

Sweet Bunny

Indulge in the most delicious rabbit you will ever taste – Sweet Bunny! This stunning beauty stands out with her voluptuous curves, slender figure, and insatiable appetite for pleasure. Her love for giving oral pleasure is unmatched, making her a treat for all your senses. It’s a mystery how her partner can keep up with her and how her tight pussy can handle such intense pounding without imploding. Watching her entangled with a cock is a sight to behold, and her insatiable desire for sex is undeniable. You won’t want to miss out on watching the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium!

5. MrPussyLicking


Do you ever wonder about MrPussyLicking’s profession? This individual has dedicated their life to satisfying pussies until they are dripping with pleasure and their partners are trembling with delight. Despite his average appearance, MrPussyLicking possesses a tongue that can send shivers down anyone’s spine and a well-endowed member that can double as a weapon if needed. His partner is a young, adorable, and charming individual with one of the most delectable vaginas on the planet. It’s no surprise that MrPussyLicking spends a lot of time exploring every inch of this delicious slit with his tongue or thrusting deep with his impressive manhood. If you want to witness the hottest couples in action, check out Pornhub Premium!

4. SexHeroine


Meet the latest addition to our list of goddesses – SexHeroine. This stunning beauty is a work of art, with natural and voluptuous breasts, long legs, a toned physique, and a curvaceous figure that will leave you in awe. Her alluring presence is enough to make anyone bow down to her tonight or face the consequences!

SexHeroine prefers to keep her identity hidden and resides in Germany. She may be young, but she exudes confidence and sensuality like no other. Her partner may not be as impressive as her, but together they put on a show that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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3. Fiamurr


Czech pornstars are known for their incredible performances, and Fiamurr is no exception. This stunning beauty from the Czech Republic has made it onto the list of best Pornhub couples, and for good reason. With her oval-shaped face, flawless skin, gorgeous brown hair, and a perfect bubble butt, she is a sight to behold. But it’s her insatiable appetite for cock that truly sets her apart. Despite her slim figure, her pussy can handle even the biggest of dicks without any damage. And when she moans, it’s like music to your ears. But nothing compares to the way she looks with cum dripping down her face. If you want to see the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium, don’t miss out on Fiamurr’s steamy performances.

2. DickForLily


There’s no doubt that Lily is always on the lookout for more dicks to satisfy her desires. She’s a stunning and elegant woman, with a charming personality, and she knows exactly what she wants. With a starship at her disposal, she would surely travel across the galaxy in search of new partners to fulfill her insatiable cravings. Luckily for her, there’s never a shortage of hard dicks as her partner always makes sure to give her enough to leave her sore for days. It’s clear that Lily was born to please and pleasure, using her teeth to unwrap cocks and riding them from coast to coast. If you want to see the hottest couples in action, don’t miss out on Pornhub Premium!

1. LeoLulu


We can’t help but admire the stunning duo of LeoLulu, who seems to have been banished from heaven for indulging in each other’s bodies instead of worshiping the divine. They are a perfect match, both in appearance and performance and currently rank as one of the most popular couples on Pornhub. It’s no surprise, as they could easily pass as models and have an insatiable passion that drives them to outdo each other in bed. Leo is tall, fit, and well-endowed, while Lulu has a rare bubble butt and perky breasts. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, capable of blowing your mind and releasing a massive load of pleasure. Don’t miss out on watching the hottest couples on Pornhub Premium by clicking the link below!

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Writing this article was a bit of a journey, but it was also quite enjoyable as I stumbled upon the sexiest pornhub couples who produce top-notch porn. In fact, their homemade content often surpasses professionally shot videos in terms of quality.

If you’re a fan of homemade porn, then I’m sure you found this article to be a great resource. Amateur videos have a certain erotic and authentic appeal that is often lacking in mainstream porn, making them incredibly popular. So, if you discovered new couples on Pornhub through this article and want to show your appreciation, please consider sharing it with your friends who also appreciate amateur content!

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